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Thread: Any bad experience in online shopping? auction?

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    I don't buy online a lot but I do now and then. Have never had a problem.
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    I like Firegirl's thinking! Neat how you can get the sellers to compete for your business.

    I've bought a lot of things on Ebay. It's a particularly great way to save money on high-end brand-name cosmetics and fragrances. I got a huge plastic bottle of Estee Lauder foundation (the big honking bottles that they use to re-fill testers and use for makeovers). It cost the same as one small bottle of the same stuff from a department store. I've been using it for over a year!

    Only got burned once, but it was my own fault. I got caught up in auction fever for a rare set of tarot cards. I won and sent cash. Never got the cards and the seller disappeared. Couldn't get my money back from Ebay, because I payed cash. Lesson learned the hard way there.

    I buy from Amazon a lot and they send my neat gifts now and then.

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    Ive bought many things online, even furnature, with no problems. I found that you can get better deals and its way easier to compare prices. I dont like that some companies have my cc# on file so I have 1 cc just for online purchases (my only one). I use my debit card everywhere else and am very leery of giving out that #. I pay all the bills I can online also, this is goos for me then i dont have to do the post office thing

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    I buy stuff on eBay all the time and I have only had one bad experience where I bought a pair of fake Gap jeans, they had Joe Boxer rivets on the pockets. But I gave the seller the benefit of the doubt and she was extremely apologetic and refunded me all my money plus postage to return the pants to her, so it turned out ok, just dissappointing. I also have a great story about a pair of shorts, when I got them and tried them on, there was a $20 bill in the pocket!! That made my day!
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