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Thread: Tallulahbaby's Baby!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    ADKlove, we cant agree on anything but Lola if its a girl...lol My husband is being difficult about names. He doesnt like anything..but doestn come up with any either.

    Sheesh hehe. Mine too! He doesnt like anything I pick and yet he wont pick one himself. For girls that is. I had Lola on my list but he said Noooo Wayyy... Hopefully it'll be a boy so we don't have to worry about it.

    I hope you decide to post baby pics
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    Have u had urs yet closetnerd? If not, good luck! And congratulations!! If so, congratulations!! Do you have any other names picked out?? Know the gender? How far along?

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    awwwww! how cute, and very precious!


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    I can't believe i can ACTUALLY see the face. That is so cool. Good luck with the delivery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by applesauce
    Tallulah - What beautiful pictures, I have tears in my eyes! How exciting. Isn't technology amazing these days? Keep us posted and thanks so much for sharing.

    Tears here too. Amazing. They didn't do sonograms when I had my kids - unless there was some concern of one kind or another - I'm so glad they take them regularly now. (The first time I saw Bailee she looked like a kidney bean!)

    Tallu - that is one beautiful baby! Isn't it just magic? Good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallulahbaby
    AWWW you guys are the bestest! Astrogirl,when we got pregnant we agreed that we would be surprised about the sex. But since I had been in and out of the hospital during this pregnancy Ive had a lot of ultrasounds. I get weak whenever the ultrasound machine is around... My hubby keeps saying...remember we're gonna wait...When we had this 3D one done...I wanted to know soooo bad...but I stayed strong...The sonographer knew the sex...but couldnt get any really good body shots as this munchkin was curled up pretty tight...so..8 weeks till we find out!
    I say you're carrying the baby, you're having morning sickness, you're getting big: if you want to know the babys gender, your husband should just ask you not to tell him, if he want's to be surprised. There is no need not to do exactly what you want to do.

    I'm sure you have a good reason to want to be surprised, and if it's what you really want then it's great, but you are allowed to change your mind.

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    Aww.........she's/he's so sweet lookin, ain't he/she? Congrats!
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    I couldn't resist finding out my 2nd baby's sex, personally. Makes decorating that nursery so much easier, too.

    Congrats, Tallulah (I think it looks like a girl too, btw). Now you all stop teasing us with threads like these, I thought this was *the* big announcement.
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