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Thread: Any Polar Bear Clubbers here?

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    Any Polar Bear Clubbers here?

    It's been big news in New York City and I'm debating going. Just wondering if anyone else is a 'polar bear' or PB curious?

    IF you're not familiar - it's where a bunch of people go running wild into the water on New Years when it's normally VERY cold (but this satu, 55 degrees projected temp here)

    If you've done - how was it?

    Anyone want to plan a FORT polar group? The train leaves 59th street at 9:30 am.

    Happy New Years!

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    It'a a big thing in Vancouver. I did it New Years Day2000, and it was cold but exhilarating, and a great hangover cure. Major shrinkage.

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    I will watch folks jump in the ice water while I'm fully clothed and hot chocolate in hand. Chance of me diving into water they have to cut a hole in the ice for = zero.

    They have a polar bear plunge for charity yearly locally. I always sponsor people , but would never go in.
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    I did it all three years I lived in Milwaukee. Yowzas that was a cold three years. The last year I did it, all of us made Packer's shirts with the name of our bar on it and we re-enacted the last play of the infamous "Ice Bowl" and made it onto the news. I had a blast, and of course, a little liquid courage helped.
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