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Thread: New Year's Resolutions

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    Re: New Year's Resolutions

    Quote Originally Posted by Cornholio View Post
    It's so overwhelming to deal with all the junk that accumulates in life, isn't it?

    My street is having a streetwide garage sale on Feb 3 with at least 10 of the 13 homes on the street committed to participate. The garage sale is a motivating deadline to sort through all my junk and part with it. It took me 2 days to go through my kitchen and I pulled SO MUCH stuff to sell. I'm planning to go through the house room by room and sort everything into keep, sell, donate, trash. Whatever doesn't sell on the garage sale will go straight to the donation drive-thru at St. Matthews House, an awesome charity here.

    I have a TON of stuff to part with, it's not easy but it feels so great to be unloading clutter and freeing up space!
    TRUTH! It's insane how much it piles up if you don't pay attention. I remember my last move and how much junk I threw out. I'm convinced 85% of the stuff in the closet of my second bedroom was boxes, packing material and crap I was too lazy to take to the dumpster or the Goodwill, like old furniture and clothing. It was horrifying. I'd just push it into the closet and shut the doors = problem solved!

    I wish we could get together and do a yard sale, but since several of the tenants on this property (including myself) are single women living alone, I don't know that we want strangers around here. This property isn't exactly easy to find when you're looking for it, so I don't want to give people a reason to look for it. I think I'm just going to have to settle for being free of stuff rather than making money by selling it. Alas.
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    Re: New Year's Resolutions

    Critical, it would be so much easier just to donate everything... don't feel bad, you are avoiding a big hassle. People show up when its still dark out while you're setting up and badger you to give them stuff really cheap. We did one 3 years ago and I had a rolling rack of clothing, nice brands and a lot new with tags or freshly drycleaned which I had a sign on $3 per item or 2 items for $5. People would pull FIFTEEN ITEMS off my hangers and crunch them up into a big ball and try to give me $5 for it! I said no and they threw the items on the ground!!!! This happened several times.

    I'm not looking forward to the stress of dealing with these really pushy and rude types. Thankfully my husband will act as security and my parents will come over for the day to help. I know what you mean, no one really knows about our street and this sale draws attention and lets people know it's here, not cool...

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    Re: New Year's Resolutions

    May I suggest donating arts/crafts supplies to a school near you? Art class budgets never cover what you need. When I was teaching, I did the math and my budget divided by the number of students was $5 per student per nine week course.
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    Re: New Year's Resolutions

    Critical, in San Francisco there is a non-profit place called Scrap SCRAP | SCRAP SF where you can donate craft type things for budding/starving artists to pick from (mostly free) for art projects. I gave them soooo much stuff when I downsized with moving. Perhaps there is a similar place in Sacramento? Or on a business trip here you could leave a donation? I felt so good about giving my very good crafting supplies to Scrap where they would be put to good use and really appreciated.
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