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Thread: Are you working this Christmas?

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    Yeah, I'm working today... :phhht not to happy about that, considering I told the manager in charge of scheduling, that I really needed 24 and 25th off. And as a Full-timer I AM entitled to PH days (public holidays) and I can just claim them as I want. I claimed 24,25,26 as my PH days, yet she still scheduled me for christmas closing shift.

    I'll be working 7:00pm-2:00am today. I am SO not looking forward this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phat32
    Son of a...! That's it: those merry pranksters in Bristol and Bath shouldn't expect a Merry Christmas (or "Happy Christmas," as you put it) card from this [jabs finger at self] gullible American. +

    Annnd...here we go: the mystery of "Boxing Day" solved.

    Maybe I'll celebrate Boxing Day this year in the traditional English way by going out and soliciting for gratuities.
    Glad I went to your link about the origins of Boxing Day because in Britain "soliciting" can have a COMPLETELY different meaning!! lol
    Act your age, not your shoe size!

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    Bless the customers that came in today! They were SOOOO much better than last year's crop...all extremely friendly and appreciative that we were there for them to shop. Heck, I even came home with a nice cash gift from one of our regulars, t'wasn't such a bad day afterall!

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    Well, I went by the restaurant to check everything out, coolers, freezers, etc and much to my dismay what did I find? A walk-in cooler that wasn't at proper temp. Thank goodness I didn't have much stock on hand as I get my delivery on Monday. I had to move a bunch of product into another walk-in. So much for my 3 days off this week. I ended up with today as my only day off and still had to do some work. Merry freakin' Christmas. I did have fun playing with the grandkids today.

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    I can tell you one place where no one's working. I'm not complaining because I like for everyone who can to be off. We're in Helen, Georgia and the Huddle House is open. That's it. We have many snack items and also will have dessert here at the B&B. We'll survive quite well.
    When I worked at the hospital I had a very good friend who is a man. If I was scheduled to work Christmas, he took it and if he was scheduled for New Years, I took it. He liked to party on New Year's Eve. The only time he ever called in drunk the boss was unhappy. We solved his problem, and mine, nicely.

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