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Thread: Post pics of your Christmas Tree here....

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    only an artificial tree here. A real one gets to our allergies.

    We have a nice size artificial that we got from a friend 3 years ago. It fits perfectly in our front window. I don't have a picture yet, will work on that this week.
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    Real tree for us, but its very dry in my house, so I'll wait until next weekend to put it up.

    When we take it down, we stand it up in the backyard with various "decorations" (suet, cranberry garlands, oranges, popcorn garland, peanut butter/oatmeal decorations etc) for the birds, deer and other animals that visit our yard.
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    That is a great idea ADK. i used to love putting things out for the animals before i lived in a big city. Now i would probably attract some rodents so i wouldnt even think of it, lol. You should take a pic of your tree when it is decorated for the animals to enjoy.

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    That is so cool, ADK.

    A little trick my grandfather showed me.

    Back when we had real trees, I used to take the needles and make a pillow out of it (small). But even now, if we place it over a register or something warm (not hot) - you get the smell of pine needles.

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    MKW your tree topper Santa looks almost like a new one my daughter in law got the other day. I was talking to my little kid and I mentioned his mom's Santa. He disagreed that THAT was Santa because he is wearing a dress.
    They also got a pre-lit tree a couple of years ago. It quit lighting last year and they couidn't find the problem so now they have to put lights on it.
    I'm not putting my tree up this year. We will be gone for two weeks and I didn't think it was worth the trouble. I'll probably be sorry though.
    Lib I can't get your ornament to "grow" so I can't really see it. Heck!

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    Please keep posting your pictures, everyone! I am going to live vicariously through all of you, as I can't put up a tree this year. We were supposed to have moved by now and all of our stuff (including Christmas tree and decorations) is in storage. Then the move fell through, and now we're stuck without our stuff. (Condensed version of the story). Anyway, I grew up with an artificial tree and never considered getting a real one (although I love ADK's idea as to what to do with it after the holiday is over). I have always been considered a "neat and tidy and organized - no clutter" person so my friends were always surprised when they would see how I would decorate my Christmas tree. It was the gaudiest thing you'd ever see, but it really was pretty. I had TONS of decorations on it, and nothing ever matched or coordinated. (My grandmother would get me a different ornament every year and so would my parents so I had such a huge variety of them). And I love garland and tinsel - the more tinsel icicles, the better! Not a bare spot on my tree! Then again, I live in a condo without a lot of room so my tree is pretty small. Maybe when we get a house and have more space for a larger tree, the decorations will be spread out more and it won't look so.... overdecorated! I get this from my mom, who decorates hers the same way (other than the lower branches - explanation for that is on the other Christmas thread). She still has paper ornaments on her tree that I made when I was a little girl. She refuses to throw them away, no matter how tattered or yellowed they are now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigrazhia
    Ooo Astrogirl, you just reminded me of what I need to tell my parents to send me in my "christmas care package", glanspapir!!! I've totally gotten out of the habit of making these since I moved here and I haven't made these hearts in so many years but it was my favorite thing to do around Christmas time & I'm definitely gonna get some paper & sit down with it... I remember doing some really difficult hearts with some really intricate patterns, it was so much fun
    I was always partial to stars myself. I can't really do the complicated hearts, I am not very dexterous.

    I'll have to introduce it to my husband, it'll be fun to watch him sweat over the weaving, although he's quite dexterous so he might be better at it than me =/

    Thanks for the reminder!
    Introducing foriegners to heart or star-weaving is definitely entertaining. When I was a grad student, I used to arrange a chritsmas decoration day in my department. So a bunch of theoretical scientists sat around and created the most ugly hearts and stars you have ever seen and it took them about two hours, but they were all very proud once they had finished.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeterFan
    Don't the candles burn down the tree?
    No, ofcourse not. The best kind of candles burn out when there is no more left. You have to not hang the candle on a brach directly underneath another branch, ofcourse. Also, It is a good idea to have a fresh tree (thus taking the tree in on December 23rd makes sense).

    I think Americans in general are very afraid of fires, maybe because you live in houses made of wood. Back home we use candles a lot more than you guys. In December every single dinner is candle-lit. We have special calendar candles. They have numbers from 1 to 24, and every day you burn the portion the of the candle with todays date. They come in all shapes and sizes, some people have one in the office that takes all day to burn a number, some have them at home where it takes a meal (30 min to an hour) to burn down the number.

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    We do the best of both worlds. One artificial (the 7 footer we had growing up) and one live one...that's about 10-12 feet since we have a higher ceiling in the other room. Normally, I balk about the live trees, but since my new wood floor was put in earlier this year the clean-up won't be so bad.

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    Thanks for the links astrogirl, they look beautiful. I am going try to do a few of them.

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