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Thread: Post pics of your Christmas Tree here....

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    Those are two beautiful trees, Roses and Closetnerd.
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    I thought I had a good pic but I need to take one that includes the whole tree. Will post it tomorrow.

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    You all have such beautiful trees, I have to laugh at myself. When the kids were little, my (ex) hubby threw away all our ornaments on accident so that year I strung up happy meal toys, a teething pretzel, alligator eraser, a shiny circle attachment to a defunct food processor, Disney characters hanging from umbrellas that were originally a crib mobile, a guy from a foozball game,etc. We have since gotten new ornaments every year, but the make-do toys are everyone's favorites.
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    Laughing at the foozball guys.

    We got an 8' tree this year! Last year we got a dinky Charlie-Brown tree from a private lot because they gave a few bucks to my daughter's school. This year, I went to OSH and paid $30. I do a lot for the school, and I can always add a few bucks on my next check to the PTA.

    Now add about 200 goofy ornaments, and you have our tree. I don't know why I don't have a picture of it fully decorated.
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    Great trees, everyone! I was laughing about the foozball guys too, Gutmutter. How creative!

    Here's ours...my daughter just put all of her Christmas stuffed animals under the tree.

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    my tree is in the process of getting decorated... it's a horrid fake tree with built in fibre optics. Ugh... and I dont even think we have any real bulb ornaments left. I think they all broke and/or eaten by the dog (dont worry, the dog is still very much alive). We mostly have figurine ornaments, but I cant wait to see my tree when I eventually move out. I collect elephants, and I have been getting atleast one elephant ornament a year for as long as I can remember, so I figure by the time I graduate from college and into my own place in the next year or so, I should have enough to decorate an entire small-ish christmas tree. My mom even found me an elephant tree topper. I think it was a table decoration, but the base is just a coil, so I just stretched it out and tightened the coil to make it fit on a tree. Her friend was very much puzzled when my mom bought it for me lol.
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    We actually have 3 trees this year. The main one in the family room with all the family ornaments and then I did a smaller Wizard of Oz tree as we collect the Hallmark series and I have so many now that I had enough to do an entire tree. I spent a LONG time with yellow ribbon, a sharpie marker and a ruler making a yellow brick road garland (what a pain, won't do that again)
    And our really small tree in the kitchen has all my Christmas cookie cutters hanging on it. I don't have a photo of that one.

    But here are our 2 trees and the outside of the house and a complete family picture including dogs.
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    This is our tree. wanted a special kind of prelit so had to go with the 7-1/2 ft tree (our ceiling is at 8 ft) - so went with a bow instead of my usual santa topper.
    Lights were just what we wanted - the whole house lights up when we turn them on.
    29 years of family ornaments - I do love my tree. ( I did get a dozen of the red/white stripe satin this year - cause of the ribbon topper)

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    What gorgeous trees! : Roseskid, ClosetNerd, Hepcat, lildago, archiecomicfan, schmoo2, and myrosiedog! Thanks also for the outdoor shot of your house and your family. How nice!

    I'd love to decorate a big Xmas tree that grows outside on my front lawn. But I'd need a truck with a bucket and a very, very , very, long extension cord in order to do it. Has anyone had great luck with a big outdoor tree?
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    Miss Kitty.....how tall is your tree outdoors?

    We have one that is taller than our two-story house and probably 20 feet wide at the base.

    We've been in this house for 22 years now and we did light it up for our first Christmas here and for several years afterward. It could be seen as soon as one turned off the main road onto ours....and we live down by the end of the street!

    As the years went by, the tree still grew taller. It got to the point where my husband tried jury-rigging a pole to try to get the lights up higher on the tree. There were times where he and some of the "guys" would try extension ladders....and that was just plain dangerous.

    We kept the lights on the tree year round.....only to find that birds would have pecked at the bulbs and the cords or that the colors would fade from the elements or just plain age. And of course, hubby would try to replace said bulbs by using another extension ladder....again, dangerous!

    Then one year we plugged the big extension cord into the outdoor outlet, the tree lit up.....for about 5 minutes.....and then went dark. Apparently, there was way too much juice coursing through the cord and all the fuses on the cords got fried.

    Several years went by with no lighting of the "big tree"....much to my dismay. One year when my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I just looked at him and said, "I really want the big tree lit up again." He went out and bought all new lights and cords and, with the help of some of the guys, set up a scaffolding thing and decorated the tree again. That lasted for a few more years until the birds and the elements got to the bulbs again and the tree grew some more.

    And we could only put so many strings of lights on the tree, again, because of the amount of juice it took to light it up. After a while, it looked like there were not enough lights on the tree....but we really couldn't put any more on it without adding more outlets to the front of the house.

    To do it now, we would really need to get a cherry picker to set up lights on it. And we would also have to do some kind of major electrical work, like install an industrial strength outdoor outlet near the tree, because it really did cost a small fortune to light it up.

    We also noticed that the tree is now really full of dead or bare branches in the center of the tree and it is just like the outer parts of the branches still have the needles. Every year there is still new growth, but just on the outermost part of the tree. So I don't know if that is normal or not.

    But it sure did look so pretty! I wish I had a picture of it!

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