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Thread: Twin Speak

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    Mr. Rose has sisters who are twins. Growing up they were extremely close and very shy, so they really relied on each other for companionship and comfort. They looked so much alike for most of their childhood that even they can't tell who is who in old photos. Once they graduated high school, they went to different colleges, but we are all a very close-knit family. It is not uncommon for them to buy the same card for their mom, dad, etc. on special occassions. We are always awed when that happens.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belvasgirl
    Has anyone else experienced watching this phenomenon? Or are you a twin and can give some insight? They are only two, but for months they ramble, not even real words, and you can tell they know what they are saying. We call it their "chinese mode". One will ramble to the other and the other will listen, and ramble back and go get a particular toy or something. Point is THEY KNOW what they are saying! I could just sit and watch them interact for hours.

    The other day Juliann came up to Jaila and said "sissy, sick?" My daughter in law checked her temp and sure enough she was running a low grade fever and got sicker as the day went on. No symptoms up to that point, but the one twin KNEW her sissy was sick. Two years old is just too young to give a physical exam. I am fascinated and blessed to have such a blessing as these two beauties.

    I know there have to be some twins out there. Can anyone else share some insight for me?

    Juliann and Jalia are a trip. They're fun to be around too.

    By the way they talk I compare them to the twins on Big Brother 5!

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    And Voila! Twin In Pigtails!

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