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Thread: Our own Cosmo Quiz....

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    Our own Cosmo Quiz....

    I will start w/ a statement the next person fills in the blank then gets to do the next statement ,, relational themed..
    If your not in a realtionship then just substitute the opposite sex or your pref in general.. lol geeze the political correctness of it all!

    Ok here goes

    One of the quirky habits my SO (signifigant other) has that I just adore is:

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    Starbucks is your friend Bill's Avatar
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    One trait I find that really sets the smart women I know apart from the rest, would be if they laugh at my lame jokes or not...

    Further, what is up with all this going to the bathroom in packs?

    "George Oscar Bluth II, aka GOB, featured magician in the best selling videotape, "Girls With Low Self Esteem" invites you to enter his world.
    -- Arrested Development, Season III

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    Ha Ha! ok Bill you didn't post the next statement so I will set the example!

    a quirk my SO has that I secretly adore is his extreme safety measures.

    The most romantic thing my SO ever did was

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    not appeal the restraining order.

    My SO embarrasses the hell out me when......

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    he makes me do party tricks..

    My SO makes me melt when.....

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    when he softly sings to me. *aww*

    The most romantic date my SO and I have ever been on was ....

    And Bill- let me clear up. We're going to the bathroom together to talk about you. And any other males that may be present when we leave.

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    he flew me in his plane as a surprise to a destination I had never been and we just hung out there not plans did what ever we wanted.

    I think my SO/opposite sex looks sexiest when:

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    He is wearing his reading glasses.

    I think my SO could use some lessons when it comes to

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    ....manners when he is with his friends.

    *here's a little mini-update on my love life, for anyone who's been keeping score : Remember Ben? A week after I broke up w/my old BF, he broke up with his girlfriend. Interesting. About a week ago, we started dating. Yay!

    Anyway, My SO embarrasses me the most when he........

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    doesn't like a gift he received and actually tells the person that gave it to him that he doesn't like it.

    My S/O takes me by surprise when he/she:

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