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Thread: The Day After - Going Shopping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysluggo
    1:30? That's borderline criminal.
    There was an article in the local paper about two people who camped out in front of Best Buy so they could be first in line...they got there at 10:30pm, and sat there all night (in 35 degree weather) so they could run in when the doors opened at 6am the next morning.

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    i was one of those insane people that had to work in that craziness. OMG, i just do not get it, ALL the Walmarts i have worked at had all their Blitz stuff all day long, i have no clue why people wait in line that early in the morning to go running through Walmart. i got there at 4:45am, the store did not open until 6 and their were people out there waiting all ready. We had everything for most of the day even though it says 6 till 11. i got off at 3 and i bought my dvd player that was still marked down at that time, all the stores i have worked at have had pleanty of their blitz items so that they can keep customers satisfied, if i was a customer there would be no way i would fight those crowds for those items, i would just wait until after 11 and then i would shop without getting run over. i know at 3pm we still had all the kitchen stuff, the tv's, the computers, dvd players,and cameras, we still had all the BIG toys and most of the other stuff. Just no reason to go out at 4am in my opinion... unless you HAVE to work .

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    Against all reason, I *did* go shopping Friday. A mall store had Clarks (very comfy shoes) on sale for $39, and I wanted to get my mom a pair for Christmas. But I didn't leave the house till 10:30, and by the time I got there, legions of sore-footed women had torn that table of shoe boxes apart. It looked like a bomb full of comfortable shoes had gone off. I did find a pair that were ok and bought them, and then the next day my mom and I went back to the mall, and not knowing I'd bought her some, she nearly bought a similar (and nicer) pair for herself. Finally we steered her away, I whispered to the sales girl to put them on hold, and today I exchanged them.
    But the mall was nuts Friday. I was out of there in an hour, I just couldn't take it.
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