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Thread: The holiday season is upon us...be safe.

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    Good post Jane, it continues to amaze me how many people still think they can drink and drive.

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    AJane, what words of wisdom. I'm often the designated driver. I really gave up drinking awhile ago because 1. it has too many calories 2. I tend to get drunk on two drinks and make a fool of myself and 3. someone has to be the designated driver!

    I'm sorry for your family troubles.

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    AJ I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's cousin. What a terrible waste.

    It blows my mind to hear about the incredible numbers of drunk driving incidents. It's just stupidity IMO. For example... for the past 3 weeks the police in Sudbury had announced spotcheck blitzes. They announced where they would be and what they would be looking for (seatbelts/excessive speed) even with these announcements. on the radio, tv and newspapers they still laid 4 impaired driving charges and six 12 hour suspensions! How on earth can these people be so stupid??

    Sudbury stats for 2003:
    Vehicles checked: 11,726
    Roadside Tests: 413
    12hr suspensions: 76
    90 day suspensions: 31
    Impaired charges: 30
    Traffic charges: 244
    G1 or G2 Alcohol charges: 14 - this is the scariest one, we have a graduated licensing system so these 14 drivers don't even have a full driver's license and still they took the chance.
    Criminal charges: 19
    Liquor charges (open liquor) 5

    1 in 28 drivers still aren't getting the message!! This is so frustrating!!
    I never have to worry about drinking and driving - I don't have a drivers license.. if I did I still wouldn't even consider it
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    Thanks to all for your kind words. Unfortunately the family is having a very, very hard time accepting and coping with the death, but the funeral is tomorrow and hopefully after that is over the healing can begin.

    Pinkie, I would like to especially thank you for acknowledging this thread. To hear a teen heeding the warnings and understanding the danger is extremely gratifying to me. Your mature attitude is a credit to your generation. Your parents are obviously doing a great job.
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    Sorry for your loss AJ. This family will be in my prayers. I wished that more people would observe the drinking and driving rule. If you must drink, than give someone your keys and stay put at the place you are at. We always have a designated driver when we go out. Its a tragedy when someone dies because of drinking and driving, but to me its sadder when an innocent person dies that just happened to be on the road and are hit by a drunk driver. WE should be responsible enough to think of not only our lives, but others out there that are on the road. Have a safe Holiday Season FORTER Friends and please be safe. Big Huggs to all

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    It was just on the news this morning that a driving instructor on the way to pick up a driving student was stopped for drunk driving. I'm with you, VeronicaBelle, I never touch a drop if there is a remote chance I will have to drive one of my children anywhere. I make sure they know this. They are ages 13 - 18 and the oldest is always the designated driver in her crowd. She was part of peer educators (against drugs and alcohol) in high school. Yes, I'm proud. Especially since my own teen years were rather wild.
    Count your blessings!

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    AJ -- I'm so sorry to hear about your family's loss.

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