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Thread: Fear Of Flying (Uh Oh)

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    Fear Of Flying (Uh Oh)

    I will be flying next month and i am very very afraid. I have never flown( Not that i remember) and the thought that i will have to cross the atlantic ocean terrifies me. I have had many dreams about crashes(before 9/11 and after) and i all those i die. Maybe im Paranoid.
    But it would be of great help if everyone shared their flight stories and things that helped overcome the fear of flying
    All the help will be greatly appreciated
    P.S:Ill be flying with American(Not a good choice,lol) :phhht

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    Perhaps remembering that airplane flight is the single safest mode of transportation of any you can take, including walking, driving a car, taking a train or boat, etc.

    If they weren't safe, millions of people wouldn't be on them every year. Do you know why every airplane crash makes the news? Because it's so damn rare.

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    I don't know why, but when I fly... I just think of The Amazing Race and how they fly all the time and nothing ever happens to them. Maybe it's just the reality obsession in me.

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    I am terrified of flying also. I went to Las Vegas from Toronto...about a 4 1/2 hour flight and I made sure I stayed up night before the flight so that I would be so tired i would sleep most of the way. Worked for me....well along with the drinks I had and the 2 nerve pills? The flight home I actually stayed awake since I sort of knew now what it was like to fly.

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    Just try to relax about it all. Thats the best you can do. I like to fly, but hubby never wants to so I only get to for business. It is the safest transportation.

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    Have your doctor prescribe valium.

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    How long is your flight? Ask for Ambien-a sleep aid that really works- it'll knock you out for a good 5-6 hours and you'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start your travels.

    I've mentioned a fear of flying in another thread. I'm talking a white knuckle, chanting "we're gonna die" for four straight hours, cold sweat, kind of fear. I took Ambien from Boston to Seattle and I woke up feeling great (and missed the cheesey movies). I recommend it over strong sedatives as you won't feel as groggy.
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    I love flying. It's fun. If you can't sleep, listen to music, read whatever...it should pass really fast. Like John said, crashes make the news, cuz they're rare.

    Why isn't American a good choice? Seems fine to me.

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    the older and fatter i get, the more i hate flying, too closed in for me and trust me if we have to evacuate i will run any old lady over to get out first.

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    The only thing I'd recommend is avoiding a cattle car type flight where you're pressed in like a sardine. Having a little space around you, and hopefully lacking several infants caterwalling in unison will make for a less stressful flight.

    Get a window seat away from the wing and distract yourself by trying to identify the landscape as you pass. Counting the pools in peoples yards in the early low portions of the flight can work as well, or better, than counting sheep when considering a nap.

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