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Thread: Thanksgiving: What Are Your Special Family Traditions?

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    Wake up.
    Turn tv on and find the Lions game and the Rose parade as well as Macy's.
    Toss the bird in.
    Watch game.
    Drink beer.
    Kiss my honey and say googly love stuff.
    Call family, wish'm well and all that googly stuff.
    Drink beer.
    Get sorta pissed at the Lions for losing, but shrug it off cuz it's the 'norm' on T-Day.
    Think about why someone would want to shove a duck in a turkey and cook it.
    Drink more.
    Eat dinner.
    Wander outside to get fresh air.
    Look for reality shows to watch in the evening.
    The end.
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    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Sounds like a perfect day, Mav.

    Thanksgiving at our place. *sigh*

    My mom has always done the dinner, and we have it at her house. I always make the pies, I refuse to have my family eat store-bought pies. Blech. (Sorry to anyone who buys theirs, I assume it's a matter of time available - and workload.)

    Everyone gets a pie of their own, and one to take home. They start phoning in their orders about 3 or 4 days ahead. Fortunately no one has ordered the lemon merangue. (sp?) Cuz they ain't gettin' it on T-day.

    We have dinner later in the day, so I have time to get my stuff ready before my mom calls in her semi-annual "freak-out" and insists I get there NOW. So I zip up there (about an hour away) and like, put the table cloth on. And of course it's never on the right way.

    I used to do the olive/finger thing too, now I don't have the necessary sneak-time, I just have to div for cover mom isn't looking. The slew of grandkids who are the same age as my kids (approx) have carried on the finger/olive legacy.

    I put out the good china, the good silver and the good crystal (ala Martha Stewart/Nadine the mom style), which takes all of about 20 minutes. Then, we sit and wait. Both of us sniping at one another. My mom freaks out at the slightest hitch in her plans.

    It takes major seniority to graduate from the kids' table to the adults' table. Someday I'll prove myself worthy and get that damn promotion.

    Now that all the kids and grandkids are scattered and all over the world, plus all three of my mom's kids are single - and one of my brothers won't participate - he'd rather spend his time with his new schmoopie girlfriend :rolleyes - leaving only three or four of us (sometimes my nephew goes, if nothing better comes up). So for the last couple of years we have gone to a restaurant. My mom is 80, and we've finally convinced her she doesn't have to do that to herself anymore.

    Then in the evening here comes the troops, kids, grandkids, their kids, the slew of step-kids, etc., for pie. And I am thankful I can lure them with my secret incredient crack pie.

    It's interesting how our family has changed. No more kids' table, rarely even a kid, no more board games. But the chatter is the same, we constantly laugh, my mom finally relaxes and it turns out to be a success after all. Whew.

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    My favorite of our family traditions are:

    Two of my aunts being drunk on several bottles of wine by about noon and singing show tunes, much to the amusement of the rest of the family.

    Playing bingo after dinner, trying to win the awful prizes my grandma bought at the dollar store.

    The arguments over which team is better, the Lions or the Bears. (half of us live in Michigan, the other half drive in from Illinois.)

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    my mom is coming over for Thanksgiving - an unusual event in itself. She is 89 this year, and we are picking her up/taking her home. She will not stay over. Just the way she is. Love my mom, but she can be pretty critical.
    We have done the new carpeting/painting/decorating - so will be nice if she doesn't trash me this time for how the house looks. (although, we are still in the process of getting stuff set back up).

    Both kids are going to be home for dinner - next year they will be heading off to college, but we'll probably still get together. Usually MOVIE day at our house. I just got West Side Story (I LOVE musicals) - but noone but me likes that. so, it'll be movies/sports/cooking. Traditional meal with some low-carb side dishes thrown in. Making less of the sides that I have trouble with on leftovers (yams,stuffing) - but lots of turkey!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses
    I think I started doing that to try to cover up for the fact that I'm not the best cook in the world, lol. Diversion tactic, y'know
    Sounds good to me, Nemeses! I am a terrible cook, but I can come up with menus on the computer and even laminate if I feel like it, so maybe I should copy your idea when it comes time for me to host Thanksgiving. Right now I'm just thankful it's still at my parent's house and all I have to do is bring pie (that I didn't bake myself).

    Our yearly tradition is quite simple. We visit Mr. Bug's family real quick in the late morning so he can toss around a football with his brother. After we get bored there, we head over to my family for dinner. After we eat, the guys play euchre in one room while the ladies hang out and just chat or play games or do whatever we want. And before I leave, I must see "Mouse on the Mayflower" - it's this children's mini movie (a cartoon) that I watched when I was little girl, but must still see it every year. Pathetic, I know.

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    I don't have family holiday traditions being single and all (and considering my growing up in family's holiday traditions were basically a trip through the layers of hell, won't be repeating those) so am starting some of my own.

    This Thanksgiving I'm doing an Un-Thanksgiving dinner where everyone is to be prepared to say what they will be thankful for when it is gone or changed and what they are un-thankful for. The turkey's will be safe, I'm making lovely salmon stuffed portobello on a bed of baby spinach with butternut squash drizzle. Cards went out with full menu in nice script and responses were immediate. It will be a nice intimate group of single Manhattan women chatting it up and voicing grievances and eating great homemade food (I'm a good cook, also doing blueberry desserts) and really, what more do you want on a day off of work?

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    hm.. the only thing i can think of is me making a double layered pumpkin pie. and then string beans with bacon. yum yum.

    any other ideas that could help me? maybe a recipe? hehe thanks

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