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Thread: T-shirt ideas...?

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    I see what you did there Mah Jongg Solitaire Champion Maveno's Avatar
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    Have a picture of a goldfish in his fish bowl.. and under it, over it..where ever.. have it say (like it's the fish saying it)

    I can't WAIT for the weekend!

    or anything else that has to do with a 'long day' or whatever.

    Get it? Get it?
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Will don't have any fun. madbanana's Avatar
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    Lol thanks for all the ideas...I actually picked one out myself after all that but i still get another one and its really hard to decide!! But heres a pic of the one i got today

    it does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. it means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart

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    I love it!

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    Good One!

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    What does it say? I can't see the picture.

    Here are a few I've heard, great if you forget to drink your coffee, or it's just not your day.

    "Good Morning is an Oxy-Moron"
    "I Have Multiple Personalities: And None of Them Like You"
    "Keep Staring: I might do a trick"
    "Watch out for the Anger-Management School Drop Out"

    Here's one that I saw on an 8th grader at the Halloween dance:
    "No Car. No Money. No Shot." Notice I said 8th grader.

    And here's some other funny ones:
    "I didn't lose my mind! I sold it on EBay."
    "I like to let my mind wander, but it never comes back!"
    "I went on the road less traveled. Now where the heck am I?"

    I love the I Like Cheese idea. I personally prefer I like Kentucky Fried Chicken, but that's just me. Also, most variations of the I heart NY shirts are funny, except for I heart ME (and I don't mean Maine).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    I would put your favorite song one line quote on it.

    Or... something silly like "I Like Cheese." (Insert your own goofy *like*... like "I like mad bananas")
    Oh, this brings back good memories. My friend, Ross, he of the Bizarro World Humour, and I would make up t-shirts all the time with just cheap stencils and wear them to work.

    Most times, they were just weird phrases or things that WE thought were funny; it didn't matter what anyone else thought.

    However, we came up with one that garnered an unusual amount of responses, all positive, but it mystified us.

    It was "I Steel Wool." <<_____" bumper stickers on cars, and we tried to think of something that NO BODY could possibly "heart".

    Boy, were we fooled. I don't know WHY people wanted to know 'where' we bought it, but we got so many responses that it was no longer fun wearing them. So, I only wear it around the house now and the cats could care less where I got it.

    They just want a soft place to lay, food and a clean litter box. Life is so simple when you have four legs.
    Still crazy, after all these shears

    "lambikins, put the crack pipe down and back away from the keyboard." Unklescott

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