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Thread: Help Me Find (Christmas items)....

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeronicaBelle27
    I wanted to bring this thread up, now that December is here....

    Does anyone know if banks will still sell savings bonds or do you have to buy from an online service??

    Broadway, did you find them, or did you use the spray paint??
    All banks sell savings bonds and you can get them for about half the face value if you get the 20 year bonds.
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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    I wanted to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions. I ended up buying the boys these Mario Brothers 'go karts' - r/c karts. They were $15 each and they were a HUGE hit.
    I asked later about beyblades - parents said not allowed and Bionicles are played with once and then end up underfoot so I guess we 'did good'. Thanks again for all the help.
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