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Thread: Making a List, Checking It Twice

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    I sent my wishlist to everyone I'm exchanging gifts with this year, that way I know I'll probably get something that I want or really need...as opposed to some gifts I get that are still stashed away in my closet and I don't know what to do with them lol

    Cookware is on top of my list, I need a really nice big pot that I can cook soup & chili in! Other than that I wished for clothes from "Torrid" & some Adidas sports wear, especially shoes as mine are starting to deflate & I really miss that gel when it's gone! A couple of DVDs (Before Sunset, & Sex & the city....), some cds and some books...

    What I really want is just good company and a good time, presents come second (But they are fun ...........

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    My mom is the go-to contact person in our family and she is able to make heads or tails out of our lists, so she tells people who don't have ideas what to get for everybody.

    Some items on my very detailed list:
    Veronica t-shirt and hat!
    Seinfeld 3-Season DVD Gift Set
    Gift Cert to Home Depot (Paint and flooring)

    Some gifts I'm getting others:

    Some friends are getting George Carlin's new book (we all love him)

    My new baby niece is getting an adorable outfit, a savings bond, an electronic reader, some books to start her library, and an extremely cuddly stuffed pet I found...

    This is the best one:
    Last year I gave my sister (pregnant at the time) this squishy round pillow in bright orange that I found at UO, I loved it and thought she could cuddle with it on the brown couch. Well, when she opened it, she thought it was such a strange present, but whatever. Let me tell you, she loves that thing, brings it everywhere (we brought it to the hospital when she was in labor)then, still, and probably always and now wants a new one as that one has started to pill. Luckily they still have them in stock!

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    Gift List
    PJ set

    What I would love most for Christmas is my permanent residency for Canada to be approved by Christmas, so that I can make wedding plans for this summer. I want my family and friends to enjoy a peaceful joyous season too.

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    Anybody on my list will be getting a Moshi. It is the greatest thing invented.


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    *looks forward to receiving Moshi in the mail from AIW*
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    *looks forward to receiving Moshi in the mail from AIW*

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    Quote Originally Posted by erin_dye

    actually, I already have a couple - can I get something else from the Boot Camp Christmas list?

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    Lets see... what do I want this year...

    I would like to have a cheque for $200 for a business license, a new TV would be nice since my TV likes to turn a shade of green every once in awhile and I have to smack it so it goes back to normal. A new bed would be nice too since I had to give mine away last month since it wouldn't fit into my new place.

    Oh and most importantly, I want a little small dog I can carry around every and take to work. Seriously.

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    i want (and i am sure i am getting it too because i went with him to put it on layaway yesterday, lol) a HP copier/scanner/printer combo and a nice big crockpot to cook roasts and stew and other stuff in. i would also like another snow globe or two to add to my collection. i am getting him some sort of miter tool thingamajiggie (ok i admit it i do not for sure know what it is called but he wants it so i snuck it into layaway the other day). He told me one day a few months ago that he sure would like one some day but it was too expensive for now, so won't he be surprised when he gets it, it wont fit under the tree but i can put a great big red bow on it.


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    What I really want for myself (discounting the usual health of the family, world peace, etc) is a job that I actually like--either that the one I have gets to be tolerable or I can get something better.

    But if I can't get that, the 3 season Seinfeld gift set will do nicely.

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