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Thread: Does anyone have plants? Can you recommend some?

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    Just keep in mind...the hearty,thick, dark green leaf plants are the easiest to grow. So no excuse to go fake/silk!

    Cannabis grows good indoors too

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    Heartleaf is an easy one that hangs/vines
    Rubbertree plant is super easy too

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    Heartleaf is great! You can grow it almost anywhere. And it's pretty too.

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    Of course, this is also a very popular plant to grow indoors, although many people insist that it grows better in a closet, under lights.

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    One plant I find quite hardy is Snakeplant aka Mother-in-Laws Tongue (Sansevieria), virtually impossible to kill. Another good plant is African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha).
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    I have a spider plant, a christmas cactus, a jade tree, a macadamian palm and a few others. I have managed to kill several african violets and I definately dont have a green thumb however I have yet to kill the ones I mentioned. I will say this tho, if you can afford it goto a greenhouse. Just like everything there is a difference in quality in plants. I have also got some plants at wal mart but you just have to look through them to make sure you are getting a good one.

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    A cactus is pretty easy because you don't have to water it that often. But despite that fact, I accidentally killed one. And a Venus flytrap. And some plant that I put in my frog tank. I guess I sorta have a black thumb too.

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    Try a peace lily, above...they're almost impossible to kill, and will grow and flower in low light. I have a huge one in front of my fireplace, it's beautiful.

    Some of the smaller palms are easy to grow and make a big impact. I'd stay away from a live ficus tree, they shed leaves like crazy. It's the only plant I can't keep alive!
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    Well, I'm not much of a plant person, I don't have green fingers but one plant that I usually get that stays alive, even in my care, is the fern ... I love ferns, they look good & are easy to take care of

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