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Thread: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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    1. Real tree or artificial? I always loved real trees, but... the mess is a pain in the butt. I hated stepping on old needles well into February/March. No matter how well we vacuumed there were always some waiting to bite ya in the bottom of the foot! My parents moved to a fake tree about 5-10 years ago now, and now that I have a huge living room I'm probably getting one as well.

    2. Shop early or last minute? A little bit of both. I have three presents bought already, but many many more to go.

    3. Are you a fan of eggnog? No. Ick.

    4. Decorate outside AND inside of the house? Both. I've adopted my mother's habit of overdecorating for Christmas. Heck.. mom overdecorates for EVERY holiday.

    5. Favorite Christmas special? The Year Without a Santa Claus! I'm Mr. White Christmas... I'm Mr. Snow.....

    6. Favorite Christmas Movie: Still laugh at Christmas Vacation, although I have no clue why.

    7. Favorite song: Vince Gill "Let There Be Peace on Earth".. a song he recorded with his daugher. It always makes me cry.

    8. When do you put your Christmas tree up? First day or first weekend after Thanksgiving
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowflakeGirl
    I this thread, but that's because I Christmas! It's my favorite time of year--now that I no longer work retail.

    Me too Snowflake Girl! I still can't bring myself to brave the day after Thanksgiving crowds, (limited quantities of extremely cheap merchandise really bring out the worst in people), but I enjoy the fact that being out among the throngs of people is now my choice, not the way I make my living.

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    I once stood outside in a line at 6 am, in Minnesota where it's freezing, the day after Thanksgiving at Target because the first 100 or so people were going to get bags filled with samples and little things like that. If there's anything I love more than Christmas it's free samples. Nothin' like small bottles of shampoo and lotion to brighten my day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_bunny
    Catt~ I will email you some snow from Canada if you want a white Christmas. We get plenty of snow here.
    That's so sweet of you

    I can remember many times having the air conditioning on Thanksgiving and Christmas!

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    Quote Originally Posted by erin_dye
    On a side note: Santa was at one of the local malls yesterday. November 6th just screams Christmas time to me.
    Okay, I love Christmas, but that is waaay too early. Does anyone really need an extra month of the kiddies whinging for Dancing Elmo or Bratz Tokyo A-Go-Go?
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJeterFan
    libra, are the cookies already baked? They won't be very fresh for Christmas, will they?
    Sorry, DJF, I've been super busy this weekend and just made it back online....
    Anyways, yep the cookies are already baked, but they come in frozen to us (as well as almost all other retail stores). These are just the specialty cookies just for the holidays, and it's a normal thing....the shaped sugar cookies with colored sugars on top, frosted Lofthouse (my favorite, MMM!) cookies, and all the "basics" all come in as lovely frozen ready to thaw and sell treats. We do bake fresh as well everyday, but that's the normal sugar/oatmeal/peanut butter/chocolate chip ones.

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    I have to set up Christmas decorations at work tomorrow. It's too freaking early!!!!

    5. Favorite Chistmas special? that Frosty the Snowman cartoon
    6. Favorite movie? A Christmas Story, hands down
    7. Favorite song? a tie between "Do They Know It's Christmas?" and "Grown Up Christmas List"
    8. When do you put your Christmas tree up? I'll probably set the fake tree up a couple weeks before Christmas

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    1. Trees, some years real some years fake.
    2. Early or late shopping. I used to do early and would buy too much or end up returning stuff. This year I'm just going to do middle to late shopping. I already have ideas.
    3. egg nog, I love it but only drink a little.
    4. I put up lights and a wreath outside. I have some little Christmas things scattered inside. Not a great deal but I have a small Nativity scene, a Christmas tea set and some nutcrackers I set out. Plus this year, I have two small Christmas trees for the girls to set up in their rooms.
    5. Christmas special - Here Comes Santa Claus
    6. Christmas movie- It's a Wonderful Life.
    7. Song- Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It always makes me cry.
    8. Tree goes up usually the second weekend in December.
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    My addition to my original poll:

    5. Christmas Special -- Charlie Brown's Christmas special. I also love Rudolph cause I think Yukon Cornelius is too cute!

    6. Christmas Movie -- White Christmas

    7. Christmas Song -- "Merry Christmas From the Family" by Jill Sobule and Tori Amos' version of "Little Drummer Boy" (They are both on this Christmas CD entitled "You Sleigh Me" and I originally bought it years ago for Tori's Drummer Boy song. But I just LURVE this CD! The song by Jill Sobule is extremely snarky and portrays what a "real" family Christmas is all about - I love the nontraditional tunes on this CD).

    8. When do you put your tree up? Depends on the mood I am in. Usually about two weeks before Christmas, on average.

    Okay, one good thing about the holiday season is that my favorite local icecream shoppe has added their holiday flavors. I've been mowing down on Carrot Cake shakes, Pumpkin shakes, and Eggnog shakes quite a bit lately! (Must build on the holiday fat before it gets too cold!)

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    The Christmas season is definitely upon us. Yesterday I saw commercials for both the Clapper and Chia pets.

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