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Thread: Strange Cat Behaviour

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    NI FORT fan Belfastgirl's Avatar
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    Apr 2004
    Just putting up my Xmas decorarations. Old Puss has seen it all before and will ignore them, but Mad Kitten is another story. Any thoughts on how to stop him attacking the tree and knocking over the ornamental Santa etc!

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    Believe me Belfast, if I had any words of wisdom I'd share....but alas, I'm fighting my own battles with the cat vs Christmas tree thing! The only thing that remotely helps with the tree situation for me is keeping gifts under it so that my 'lil boogers can't get to the bottom branches as well. I'd been lucky for nearly a week but came home today to MINOR things....my snowman candleholder knocked over, and 1 chewed on candy cane. This is an amazing year cause in the past they've been horrible with it....maybe they're getting to be like your Old Puss and have seen it before and don't care for the most part.

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    My worst problem with cats and trees was a cat who ate tinsel. I tried to keep it off the bottom branches, but it naturally sifts to the floor as days go on. It never killed her and she ate it every year, but it made potty time more difficult. I used to have a cat who climbed the tree, but stayed near the trunk so it didn't disrupt the decorations. I always secure the tree with hidden wires attached to eye screws hidden under the bookshelf and over the door mantle. I've had trees fall down before, so take that precaution. One year I had a cat who opened the presents prematurely. Every single one.
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    I knew someone who's cat had to have tinsel surgically removed, so I never use it. Just one of those things that everyone had back in the day, but is now a danger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Belfastgirl
    Just putting up my Xmas decorarations. Old Puss has seen it all before and will ignore them, but Mad Kitten is another story. Any thoughts on how to stop him attacking the tree and knocking over the ornamental Santa etc!
    I'm having the exact same problem this year, Belfastgirl. My adult cat knows how to behave with the tree and leaves it alone for the most part, but the crazed kitten thinks it's a gigantic cat toy. I awoke this morning to a crash and when I got to the living room I found the tree knocked over, and beautiful ornaments shattered. I've been collecting them for years, and of course one of my favorites was broken in the massacre. I think I probably even shed a tear or two (pathetic, isn't it?). I have no idea how to keep him away from tree, but I'm trying the spray bottle for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter
    One year I had a cat who opened the presents prematurely. Every single one.
    Sure, blame the cat.

    My previous cats did not climb the tree (though they did like to bat the balls off the lower branches). My cats now climbed the tree their first year, when they were kittens, which caused a lot of shaking but the tree did not fall. Now that they are quite a bit heavier we are forced to go with one of those mini-trees (you know, the kind that sit on tables?) . Ah well, decorating the tree takes 2 minutes when it is a mini-tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Filangi
    My cat is currently sitting in the corner facing the wall. I swear, I didn't yell at him or anything!

    He's a bit of a freak.
    That feline sees or hears something that we cannot BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, mine do it all the time, in the corner, they also sit where the air conditioner comes through the wall and BOTH stare at it. hmmmm

    Maybe I dont wanna know! :rolleyes
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    I love all the cat stories posted! Mine are all crazy, but we love them to bits. One of them climbs up the centre post of the Christmas tree and sleeps at the top. She just bends the branches to suit her. And only one of mine chews plastic bags. Another one loves to get in any kind of box. It doesn't matter how small it is, she's even crammed herself into such a small box that her flab was hanging over the edges. And then she'll start to rip up the box. Tears off pieces and throws them in the air.

    Geez, I've got sooooo many cat stories that I could bore you all to death!

    And Elizabeth, I think it was you who mentioned the cat having a fight with the mat? I love when they do that! Fly into the room from out of nowhere, beat the crap out of a throw rug, and then stalk off.
    Darn Kangaroos!! I am le tired.

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    I have a not so funny story about my kitty....things were going just great until within the last month, Frosty has decided that he likes my brown bath rug right outside of my shower as a litter box (#2 only mind you). It's not as if he doesn't use the litter box because I empty the darn thing out every morning but when I come home, I'll have a present in the litter box and a present on the bath rug. I've tried spraying lysol, febreeze, mopping with disinfectant, wash the rug in hot water every time, putting the litter box next to the rug, switching litters, etc. It's almost as if he is doing it to spite me because he sees me trying so hard. I know it is something with this rug because I have taken the rug away and he hasn't done it elsewhere. I also have another rug elsewhere in the room and he never bothers that one. I really would like to have a rug at my feet when I step out of the shower.

    Any suggestions?
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    You might try getting a new rug. Cats have a really good sense of smell, and he can probably still smell something, despite all your efforts of cleaning. If that doesn't work, I'd just keep the bathroom door closed so he can't get in there.

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