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Thread: Trick or Treat

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    I wouldn't know, I never stay home. Ha

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    I get about 12 at my house. At my parents' house--they live in a much bigger neighborhood than I do--they used to get 75+ but in the last 2 years, the number has dropped to fewer than 20. Sad, really. Halloween is my most favorite holiday.

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    Ima.......yikes! Teens. :rolleyes

    We live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, so we buy 4 bags of the mini's and when they're gone, we're done. Then we bring in the carved pumpkins, turn off the porch and living room lights, and hang out in the family room. When we first moved here 16 years ago, there were only six houses on our street. We bought one small bag of candy, and were shocked to see vans pulling up with dozens of kids spilling out.......we were sorely underprepared that night.

    With our daughter being a sr. in h.s. now, Mr. Rose and I are coming to hard realizations.....this will be our last Halloween with her living at home. I'm fine.......really I am........
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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    With our daughter being a sr. in h.s. now, Mr. Rose and I are coming to hard realizations.....this will be our last Halloween with her living at home. I'm fine.......really I am........
    I have a beautiful 2 yr old thats driving me nuts right now, how much do you think it would cost to send her there??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ineedalife

    We get a lot as well...our neighborhood is dripping with children. Several of our neighbors and I hold a block party where we sit outside, eat some dinner and have a few drinks and let the kids play and we pass out the candy to the passerby's. The only time I ever remember not having children come by was post 9/11.....the streets were deserted.
    Party? I'm on my way!!
    America- love it or leave it!

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    I usually get around 50 or so...I hate when the older kids show up, no costume, nothing. I'll have to try the disguised rocks!

    I do love seeing the little ones all dressed up, they're too cute!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    I'm the candy hander-outer. We moved into our house two years ago... on Hallowe'en. Let me tell you, the stupid questions we got that night! "Oh, did you just move in??"... my response should have been "Nope, we chose to decorate our house with a bunch of boxes and we always have a moving truck in the driveway!" I made sure to have candy on hand though for the kidlets. We had about 25 that night and about 30 last year. I give out handfuls to the kids, I figure it's one night!

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    *Warning* Thread Jack ("trick or treat" has me thinking of Halloween stuff to do)

    Anyone know how to extend the life of a carved pumpkin? They end up being so gross after only a day.

    Now, back to the topic.

    ETA: Come on over Charlotte
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    Paint them instead? .

    i don't know the answer to that one. i always paint them and then the day before we carve them...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Duxxy
    I had two 16 yr old boys show up at my door about 2 years ago.. no costumes just huge pillow cases - I gave them the phhft of disgust and told them they were too old and closed my door. Sheesh they could at least make an effort.
    Wow, Duxxy, I admire your courage. I'm surprised you didn't find a burning bag of feces on the doorstep.

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