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Thread: Trick or Treat

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Btw, I put cinnamon and nutmeg inside my pumpkin this year as someone suggested.....(Finallyhere maybe?), and it smelled wonderful, so thanks for the advice.
    Not me, but it does sound interesting
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    Ok, I finally fought off the laziness I was experiencing, and investigated who offered the advice of sprinkling the spices inside the pumpkin before lighting the candle. It was veejer. We also put valeline around the cut-outs on the pumpkin like broadway suggested, and this worked great, too. So big thanks to both veejer and broadway for successful jack-o-lanterns.
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    You're very welcome. Sad to say that we didn't carve one this year. I do need to see if I can get a pumpkin cheap now because my daughter loves to roast the seeds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by greycoatonawitc
    i actually had an adult come to my house trick or treating last night....with no kids with her!!! i see this lady in the day time walking around...so, i know it wasn't a teen dressed as an old lady....
    I was just writing about this in the thread on what age to stop trick-or-treating. I got three different cases of adults coming by for candy. The thirty-something woman out walking her dogs, in particular, made me angry! I totally don't mind giving candy to kids or teens in costumes, but that is ridiculous.

    Anyway, I couldn't possibly count how many trick-or-treaters came this year. All I know is we went through 12 big ol' bags of candy (the good stuff too, mind you!) and were running out way before our cut-off time of 8pm. That's why I resent the grown-ups coming by; every piece I gave to them I feel should have gone to a deserving child.
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