well nothing exciting from me. I was home sick a lot and my boss finally gave me work to do at home.
I was suppose to be working and had gotten into my first reality shows (Joe M. & The Bachlerette) (sp)

would stray to the internet on a break from work and was looking for info on those 2 shows and just kind of dropped in here and been hooked since.

I'm a member of a gaming site (chess) and a tech site.

I don't play chess as much anymore because if I have the time to come on-line it's to the FORT.

I have never been on any chat or internet sites that kept me interested. Too many flame wars and silly fights -
This site is the only place where it seems people can agree to disagree and are funny doing it.

I also got hooked reading Lobecks recaps and all the survivor threads.

Oh I forgot.....I quit smoking awhile ago and did join a site similar to this except you would not believe the stuff that went on there with people fighting with eachother. When I got through the first couple of months smoke free I left that site thinking I would never be involved on any type of interactive site.
till here!
I love this place!! (a little too much I have had to cut down on my time here) and I got some of my family hooked on it too.

just a nice fun place.