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Thread: Good drug web site

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    Cool, i did not notice it was a different site. i did not have much time this morning before work, so i did not get a chance to look very well. Great site btw. i always look up my meds before i take them because one time a pharmacy (i wont say which one) gave me the wrong meds. i noticed when i got home that the pills were about the same size so started to take them then i remembered that mine were always pink not green, so i called the pharmacy and they told me to bring them back. Sure enough the pills were not what i should have been given and instead of lowering my blood pressure they would have raised it, not a good thing when you already have REALLY high blood pressure...

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    Oh, you mean legal drugs.

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    I'm taking a Pharmacology class right now, & I can see how a pharmacist who might be in a hurry can make a mistake on a Rx (not to mention trying to decipher Dr. handwriting, lol). So many of the drugs out there have very similar names, but are for totally different things

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    Holly, that's exactly what frightens me.

    I remember coming home with a prescription last year for a medication I always take and thinking the pill (even though it looked exactly the same -- a white circular pill) looked slightly larger than what I normally took.

    I called the pharmacy and read the numbers on the pill to them and it turns out they gave me the wrong dosage (1000 mg instead of 500). I have no idea if it would have been a big deal or not, but it freaked me out enough to want to check everything from now on.

    The web sites are very helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BravoFan
    These days I'm so skeptical of pharmacies making mistakes, so I like to check that the medication I've received looks like what it's supposed to.

    Something else to check, even after making sure you've got the right dose and pill. Expiration date!

    As I was calling in the refill for my asthmatic son's Flovent a few days ago, I realized for the first time that the fill date of the last prescription was 6/17/04. The expiration date on the box was 2/04!! I felt horrible for not having caught that before, and thank goodness his asthma is well controlled over the summer and that he is not heavily dependent on Flovent anyway. I'm so mad at the pharmacy for doing that. My sister the nurse says there is a large window of OK-time built into expiration dates, so the medicine was still working, but wow, that still never should have happened. This was from a large national chain, not a mom & pop store where stuff can sit on shelves a long time.
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    Bravo, you can also check out this site which has a lot of good information:


    You can enter the imprint code on the pill and it comes up with what the medication is along with a description of what the pill should look like, the strength, etc.

    I take several medications and the pharmacy I use puts a little label on the pill bottle with a description of the pill: small round blue tablet, side 1: xxx, side 2: xxx. My friend Paul, who is usually the one that picks up my meds, ALWAYS opens up each bottle and makes sure the pill and the description on the label match.

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