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Thread: Just Say No to Drugs

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    I have a question. Does your brother want to go to college? Pot does kind of take the wind out of your sails as far as motivation goes. It is hard to get someone to stop just because you tell them to. It is viewed by the people smoking it as a mellow past-time and not hardcore like other drugs or even drinking. If he denies it, what will you/your parents do? Accept his answer or confront him more? If he admits it what will happen? Will anything change on the homefront? Will he be grounded/not allowed to see friends?
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    Thanks for all of your concern everyone! It turns out that we were all paranoid because he and his buddy were not smoking it the other night after all. I know for a fact he does it from time to time, but after speaking with him, I found out he's got plans to eventually pursue a career in sitcom writing. Who knew? He's less of a bonehead than I thought!

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    I still live at home, and my mom gets onto me for drinking, and I've been of legal age for several years now. I don't lie to her to about it anymore (though I used to), so she kind of tolerates it. It's not like I'm out driving around or getting into trouble when I'm drinking, anyway.
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