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You had mentioned that someone in the group wanted to see Wayne Newton--he appears almost every night at the Stardust. I went to see him last time I was in Las Vegas. I was disappointed with the show...not that he isn't a great entertainer--and there's a lot of variety in the show, but because he has nearly lost his voice. His voice cracked throughout the show and he can't hit the high notes. So if your friend remembers the Wayne Newton of old, she may not recognize him.
Well, this is good news and bad news. It's good news to know that this is what has happened; the bad news is my friend Ali idolizes him. Every single morning, she showers to "Dunca Shane" (sp.) and has loved him since she was a wee girl.

This is important news to know, Norm601; I'll have to let her know this so that she can make the right decision.

Thanks. I wouldn't want her flying in 6500 miles to become sad and disappointed.