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Thread: Ear piercing

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    My daughter had hers done a few weeks ago. Yes, a parent had to be there and show ID. The pain didn't bother her much. BUT, she did faint. I think from anxiety? She was fine after a couple of minutes. They are healing nicely.
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    I got mine done over 10 years ago. The pain of piercing wasn't too bad for me. I can bite down and take it pretty well. But I remember my ear lobes felt really hot for a few days..
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    If I remember correctly, sleeping on either side the first night was a little ouchy, too, but not so bad. You'll be fine - just promise us you will keep them clean while they heal!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rman;2247887;
    I have gotten my ears pierced, but now after 2 weeks they have sores all around, i think its just irritation, but please help!! x0x
    Rman.... please make sure that you're doing the proper alcohol swabbing every night, and twirling the earrings.

    Are there actual sores, or is it just red all around? You could certainly have an infection.
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    Everyone has given good advice. I got my ears pierced when I was in grade school and the instant pain wasn't bad, it was the heat from the earlobes and positioning myself when I slept. Remember to keep it clean and twirl and you should be fine.

    When I was in college, I got my ear cartilage pierced. It was with a needle/punch thing and that night, it hurt really bad.

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