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Thread: Nail biting habit

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    Nail biting habit


    Just seen a documentary on nail biting, i know i do it, and a friend of mine is the worst nail biter in the world! How many people here habve the habit, is it bad? I think its pretty rare

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    I had this bad habit when I was about 10. I tried to stop doing it but I couldn't until I did something very simple.

    Take a rubberband and put it around your wrist. When you find yourself almost biting or biting your nails, stretch the rubberband out as far as you can without breaking it and let go. It doesn't take many of these before your body will automatically "freeze" before allowing you another bite.

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    I used to bite my nails all the way down to the cuticles and make them bleed when I was young. My parents tried EVERYTHING imaginable to get me to stop. There was this clear nail polish that tasted like crap called Nail Bite or something. That didn't even stop me. I finally stopped when I was about 19 and got acrylic nails put on. I've had them ever since and cannot live without them. And I've NEVER had any infections or fungus that we hear about.
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    I used to when I was in HS. I wanted to grow them out for my Senior portrait, so I decided to quit biting them. Once they grew out, they looked so pretty, I lost the desire to chew them up, I haven't had much problem biting them since. I will occasionally relapse, only when I am highly stressed out.

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    I have had this problem my whole life and I still do it. I also have a really bad and gross habit of biting the skin around my nails as well. The only way I can keep my nails good is to have nail polish on them. So I usually treat myself to a manicure about every other week or so to help keep my nails nice.
    People always ask me why I can't stop, half the time I don't even realize I am biting my nails. The worst is when I am stressed.

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    I had a terrible habit of biting my nails as a kid through junior high. It stopped when I started wearing nail polish because I didn't want to mess up the color (my parents should have known right there that the perfectionist in me was brewing ). However, after breaking that habit, I obtained two more: cracking my knuckles and peeling/picking at cuticles to the point where I bleed. It's horrible! It's like I always have to keep my hands busy (ever since I quit smoking) so I just nervously pick at them, no matter where I am or what I am doing. Mr. Bug makes me wear gloves while I'm at home so I won't do it. It's helping me kick the habit, but if I get stressed out, I start up again.

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    As far back as I can remember I've been a nail biter.....that is until about 2 months ago when I finally kicked the habit! With my duties at work my nails never really get long, but atleast now they aren't an embarrassment anymore. I have a daily ritual now of coming home and filing off any raggedy edges that crop up at work (which they ALWAYS seem to do) and use a cuticle cream so I'm not tempted to pick at them as well. Nothing ever worked before to get me to quit biting, it was just a matter of embarrassment finally that made me stop....my hands had become a source of shame to be seen.

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    I always bite my nails, when I am nervous or in some sort of competition I do it more. I am slowly getting out of the habit since work has also cut them for me. But since this thread they are lookin mighty tasty, I am going to try the rubber band thing, just for the hell of it. And I think it would be funny to have my mom run in here everytime I start cursing.

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    I had this horrible habit of biting my nails and the skin around it, but now that I have braces, I can't exactly bite my nails. The problem I have is that when my braces come off I wonder if I'll go back to my old habits. I know it's a horrible habit, but I can't help it.

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    Are all of you female? i am sorry if you aren't, most of you mentioned nail polish so i wondered... Anyway the reason i ask is i am wondering what i can do with my son... he is 14 and he bites his nails so short they bleed. He has had infections in this cuticles and everything but nothing we have tried has worked to get him to quit biting them. He has had infections that were very painful so i do not think the rubber band thing will work. We tried two different brands of the no bites stuff when he was younger and that did not work. i dont think nail polish, fake nails or manicures will impress him a bit . We have tried for 10 yrs to get him to stop biting his nails and nothing we have found has worked Do any of you have any ideas?


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