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Thread: Question for Dog Owners

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    I think they recommend shots every 2 years.....but most vets will push them on you annually.

    I pay about $120/year for shots/wellness exam.

    I pay about $150 for teeth cleaning. But I don't like to do it, because it usually involves anesthesia. Plus, do wild dogs brush their teeth?

    Grooming cost $50 every 6 months or so. I have a shed-a-holic Siberian Husky. He blows his coat twice a year, and I prefer to have him groomed professionally, since he wiggles, writhes, and runs away when I bust out the brush.
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    I have 2 shih-tzus and we take them for their yearly shot along with heartworm and flea shot in the summer and it's about 150$ per dog. We also get them groomed every 3 months and that's 40$ each. A big bag of food can go along way so that's not really expensive (not with small dogs anyways...)

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