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Thread: Endoscopy anyone?

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    My dad has it done quite often. He says it kind of makes you gag at first but then he didn't really feel much because of the numbing spray.

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    Well, I had it done, was completely, COMPLETELY out of it through out the entire thing. I have a major gag reflex so when they just put the 'guide' in my mouth I was coughing like crazy, so they waited until the anesthesia was about to kick in and then put the guide in, etc.

    All I know now is that I had no ulcers but was swollen/red so they took a couple biopsies. Throats sore, but they biopsied that too. yuck, I have classes tomorrow, hopefully by spreading it to everyone in class I can prove it was a virus (kidding! ) I can't skip school though, it says very clearly in the syllabus, miss one class and you start with a B+. I'm just SOOO glad it's over and I had anesthesia.

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    Glad to hear it went well Glitter!

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    Glitter, congrats on being brave and having the test done. Now you can continue on in life knowing you could do it on Fear Factor if you had to. Good luck to you...... keep us posted on your well-being, ok?
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    Glad to hear it went well! I have a major gag reflex, too, so I was sooo nervous before the procedure. Now, eh. I think the biopsy is standard, by the way, so no need to be alarmed. Keep us posted, OK?
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