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Thread: Halloween Costume Ideas!

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    Halloween Costume Ideas!

    Hey, I know it seems pretty early for this sort of thread, but I like to plan and create my costumes well in advance of Halloween. That way I have prep time to make sure I am looking amazing!

    This year, I want something that is a throwback to the 80s or something sorta kitschy-cool.

    I was thinking of TRON because of that weird website I saw with the Tron dude, or maybe even Astroboy (Although I think it would be difficult going out in black booty shorts and red boots up to my knees).

    My friend is going as Karl Lagerfeld (A great idea I think!) and another friend is trying to recreate the Bjork swan dress.

    Anyone else have any inventive ideas?

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    hmmm...my friend asked me this the other day about her and her boyfriend..I told her to go as a weiner and he could be a hot dog bun...or another one is that she could be a purple person and him a purple people eater...

    maybe you could be one of the thundercats?

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    I say stick with the Tron costume! You could buy those glowstick blue necklaces and bracelets at the dollar store and have a really cool costume. I love Halloween, it's my favorite day. I'm planning on dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood. If you want 80's, maybe Howard the Duck? I'm kidding!
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    I'm not "up" on the 80s, otherwise I'd try to make a suggestion, but I have to say that I admire people creative enough to put a lot of effort into costumes. I'm going to be a black cat this year, nothing elaborate.

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    Go as either a Fraggle, Alvin (from Alvin and the Chipmunks), a Transformer, G.I Joe or my favorite (although it's gender bending) Punky Brewster.

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    I always like dressing as a titanic survivor - face painted pale with dark eyes, dressed up in a tux/ballgown, icicles hanging from your hair, and a Titanic lifesaver around you. I did this many years ago, but I think they have pre-packaged garbage now. Much better to do it on your own.

    Mork and Mindy?

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    Gotta go with the Hulk. easy to make your own costume....rip up some jeans and tee shirt and paint yourself green.

    we have already started decorating our house. Fallen branches are great for decorating, you tie them to your porch to make the overgrown look. stryrofoam is also good for graves with a little white and black spray paint will make them look like old marble but becareful, the spray paint will melt the stryofoam but we have reused the same ones 4 years in a row now.
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    hmm..80s...duran duran...jon bon jovi wt the big hair...david bowie in labyrinth...be a cabbage patch kid ...rubik's cube...or just wear baggy pants ala mc hammer ooooh..u wanted kitschy-cool...The Wonder Years?

    my two cents worth

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    If you really wanna go 80's, buy the old school cheap plastic costumes that have the painted face mask held together by only a dried rubber band. I was Superman 5 years in a row. Those costumes can only survive about two hours worth of trick or treating, though.
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    The 'Miami Vice' look is always a hit ... (although good luck finding a teal sportscoat).

    'Big Hair' rock band is always great (Mid-80's Motely Crue).

    '80's aerobic instructor. (Think Olivia Newton John in 'Physical')

    JOHN 3:16 Guy. (You know the guy with the rainbow wig at all those sporting events holding a JOHN 3:16 sign)

    80's Prepster - Penny loafers (no socks!), high-water chinos, Lacoste polo shirt with the collar turned up. Extra style points for Ray Ban's, ribbon belt, and blazer with your high-schools crest on it!

    Breakdancer. Parachute pants (good luck), chains, portable radio, and some cardboard!

    The problem with dressing for an 'era' is finding all the stuff you need. (Unless you are a pack rat, and keep it all!)

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