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Thread: Halloween Costume Ideas!

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    I'd love to see a Frodo costume, after Shelob has spun her web around him, and with the death mask make-up. I cracked up laughing in the movie when Sam revealed his face, he looked like a goth transvestite. Would 100 cans of silly string work?

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    Costumes for four people can be tricky. Here are some ideas off the top of my head.

    Prison Chain Gang (would be cheap, but you would have to hang around each other all night!)

    Four Stages of Madonna/Cher. (Dress up as different Madonna/Cher "looks")

    Spice Girls (Ok, you'd be missing one)

    Goldilocks and the three bears.

    Big bad Wolf and three pigs.

    Army men. Cheap toy gun, Army surplus clothing, green or tan grease paint for your hands and face. Maybe cut out some cardboard and attach it to your feet for his "stand".

    Cheerleaders (with one, or maybe two being "male". And you HAVE to make up some obnoxious cheers!!)

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    Combatcutie - how about Spring Summer Autumn and Winter?
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    My favorite costume ever...you can get away with hell if you go as a cave-person, headhunter, wild woman or whatever you call it; same goes for dressing as a devil, but think up a new way to do it instead of buying a red cape and pichfork at the costume store!
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    Quote Originally Posted by keemameelia
    I always like dressing as a titanic survivor - face painted pale with dark eyes, dressed up in a tux/ballgown, icicles hanging from your hair, and a Titanic lifesaver around you.
    This is a GREAT idea! Do you make the lifesaver yourself out of cardboard or some other material or do you buy a lifesaver of some sort? I'm just curious, I may actually copy your idea for this year's Halloween.

    What do you use for icicles in your hair? I've got some makeup that I may be able to use for it... we'll see

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    Quote Originally Posted by combatcutie
    Okay, since you guys have come up with some great ideas. I need some help with coming up with costumes for 4 girls. We all like to be similar. Last year, we were contestants from the Miss America Pageant, which went over fantastic. Now, everyone from the party last year is trying to come up with costumes that will beat what they call us "those beauty pageant bitches"

    Thanks in advance for your help
    I always made my kids' costumes - and darn it - I swear I did the M&Ms first!
    I do like the four seasons. You could get so creative.
    This probably sounds kinda lame - Just tossing out ideas...the characters from the Wizard of Oz, unless that's been over-done. Four Marx Brothers? Four of a kind (playing cards). Barber-shop quartet. One bride with three bridesmaids - in those horrible dresses we hear about. Josie & the Pussycats? That might be a little dated tho. The care bears might be a little outdated, too.
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    Oh wow....you guys have come up with some GREAT ideas. I really like the Sex in the City girls. Fits us perfectly. I'll let you guys know what we decide. Last year was a last minute thing that worked out perfectly.
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    The Sex and the City idea is GREAT. Especially because you could really try to push all of their distinctive personalities.

    Charlotte: 1950's throwback, blueblooded episcopalian. Floral halter A-line dress.

    Miranda: Totally bad Angela Bauer 1980s powersuit with short red hair.

    Carrie: This one would be the most fun cuz you could basically throw on ANYTHING, as long as it was stylishly absurd and coupled with a pair of Manolo's.

    Samantha: Two words -- SEX POT!

    Haha, if there was a guy along for the ride, he'd HAVE to be stanford -- complete with green dress shirt and green sunglasses. (And bald head!)

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    My 13 year old daughter came up with her own costume this year - she took 4 hoola hoops from the dollar store, lashed them together (girl scout), and is going as an atom. My mother was crazy. She made my sister be Aunt Jemima one year and I was a cookstove with a giant pancake on a griddle, complete with a cardboard pat of butter. She chased me all around with a spatula. I'm scarred for life.

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    Gutmutter, I love your daughter's idea. I'll have to file that one away.

    combatcutie, if you haven't decided on your four costumes yet, how about cards? You could each be a Queen from a different suit.
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