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Thread: Reality TV and Seatbelt Usage

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    I'd never go without one, and I'd never be dumb enough to let my kids go without one, either. I have a friend who actually buckeled her not-even-one year old in the regular lap belt of the front seat of her SUV!!! Can you imagine????!!!!!!

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    When I was three my dad, brother and I were happily cruising along a mountain road on our way to have a picnic with my mom. None of us were buckled in. My brother got hungry and my dad reached over to grab the bag of chips and over the side of the mountain we went. I was immediately flung out the window and onto a tree that pierced me right through the cheek. The car rolled many times and ended with my dad pinned under it and my brother laying beside him able to move freely about. My dad told my brother to go up to the road and carefully wave down some help. He specifically instructed him not to look for me, fearing the worst. My brother did not listen and found me and disengaged me from said tree branch. Luckily another driver saw the entire thing and called for help at the nearest phone and then returned to help out. Amazingly enough, not one of us was seriously hurt. My dad, once unpinned, was just bruised and scraped fromhead to toe. My brother had a few stitches on his forehead that showed up as a ightening bolt scar down his entire face for many years to follow in his drawings. I still have the scar from the branch, but it is really high on my cheek and people rarely notice it. I wonder what the outcome would have been with setbelts.

    Back in 1995 we got a new family car. We were a family of bucklers already. My dad informed us that the car company was promoting driver saftey and would pay $20,000 to the beneficiaries of anyone who had a seatbelt on when they died in the car. My dad told us that he was buckling up for our future and we should at least show him the same respect. I think we should all do that even without the promise of cash. Respect your friends, family and self enough to buckle up. Then go out and buy one of those tools that will cut clear through the belt if you ever need to and bust your windshield for you if you are ever sinking/submerged in water. Duct tape it to the bottom of your seat or some place you can reach in an emergency but secure enough to not fly about in the crash.

    Both of my kids go nuts if I start the car without them being buckled in. They say, "Mom!! Safety first!". Out of the mouths of babes!
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    Let me start off by saying a big to all who have posted these sad stories. I know how hard it is to have someone dear to you pass away. Star, you are so sweet.......I had to idea your father had passed away, too.

    Feifer, wow, that must have been such a frightening experiece. Gad. Glad none of you were seriously hurt.

    JD that's a good point about putting our cars in park, you just don't realize some hazards until it's pointed out to you.

    I am a seatbelt nazi, too, and our daughter has always had strict rules about riding in other people's cars. Amazingly, when she was younger, before she and all her friends starting driving, parents would offer her a ride somewhere with kids packed in like sardines. I just don't understand some people.

    I posted this elsewhere, but a neighbor of mine always drove like a maniac, never buckling her kids in, and sure enough, she got in a car accident, and one of her daughters was thrown out the sunroof and killed.

    It seems like such an easy thing to do, and can make such a big difference in life.
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    Someone mentioned Princess Di and I'd have to say that she's the reason I wear my seatbelt. I was pretty hit and miss before her death, but when that happened and I realized that the only person who survived was the body guard sitting in the front seat who was wearing his seat belt I finally wised up and now I always wear my seat belt. And once you get used to it, it's like second nature to buckle up first thing. I don't really even think about it now, I just automatically do it.
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    I refuse to start the car until everyone is buckled in. One girlfriend doesn't go any where with me anymore. She refuses to buckle up.
    Most of you probably know this, but just ONE may not. If your car has air bags, it is very important to wear the belts. When the bags inflate you could do a lot of bouncing around. My son picked up an accident victim who was a young woman. She hadn't worn her seat belt and he said her face looked like the worst road rash ever. She had some reconstructive surgery that may not have been necessary otherwise.

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    to everyone who has posted above me......

    Wearing seatbelts has always been something that I have been adament about to anyone riding in my car.....or when my kids are with someone else....I always remind even though its habit for them.......

    I was in a wreck once with my aunt and cousins this was before the seatbelts and I remember being thrown around in the back seat and it was frightening and I didn't want to ride in a car for a very long time after that....even though no one was seriously hurt.......

    There are rules on the road for a reason.......lets do all we can to keep everyone safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stargazer
    Many of you already know this, but I think it bears repeating. My father was someone who wore his seatbelt about 80% of the time.
    Stargazer, I'm so sorry about your father.

    Mine also was not a 100% seatbelt user. One day I went out with him on some errands. We stopped for a Tommy Burger, and then went on to the next place which was just a few blocks away. He pulled into a parking place in a small lot, and then backed out to straighten. There was a total idiot in the parking lot revving the engine of his corvette (while stopped in front of the store). The idiot chose that moment to pop his clutch and with wheels screeching, shot forward. He slammed into us with enough force to slam the car into the wall at the edge of the parking lot, demolishing both sides of the rear end of our car. I was unhurt but shaken up. My father--who had taken his seatbelt off at Tommy Burger and forgotten to put it back on, hit his head on the side of his window. He was ok with just a bump, but it just wasn't necessary.

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    I feel naked without my seatbelt and have worn one my entire life.

    Another benefit of wearing your seatbelt is that it keeps you behind the wheel. If your car skids or slides, without the seatbelt you may slide far enough away from the wheel to lose control. With it on, you can actually avoid accidents as well as surviving them.

    Make sure you wear your seatbelts properly. I know some 80s-90s Fords had an "automatic" shoulder strap that came down when you started the car, but the lap belt still had to be manually buckled (I had one of these). A girl in my high school class was killed on the way to school because the driver lost control and she (the passenger) broke her neck since the shoulder strap was there but the lap belt wasn't buckled. The driver survived because the airbag prevented her from suffering the same fate.
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    Star, I knew you had lost your beloved father but didn't know the circumstances. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, and I think it shows what a generous heart you have that you're willing to share it in order to stress the importance of wearing seatbelts.

    You're right, MalibuPam, I just saw them not wearing seatbelts on the Complex last night. I know it's a law in California, but I would like to ask the FORT'ers: is it a law in your state to wear your seatbelt? (And those yahoos on the Complex should get a ticket for being caught breaking the law on camera.)
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