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Thread: Need insurance claim advice

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    Insurance claim / Repair Shop question

    Insurance claim / Repair Shop question.

    I had some hail damage to my car. Took it in, it's all fixed now. But in the process of replacing some things, the windshield was broken. OK - they replaced that. But my stickers (registration and safety inspection) are peeling and really look like they had been taken off a windshield and put on this new one. Does anyone have experience with that? I was told at the body shop that I could go get replacements at my cost and my insurance company would reimburse me. I just looked up the replacment costs and it's about $7.00 or so for the registration in my county and then $12.50 for the safety sticker - plus a drive during work hours b/c the place is only open from 8-4:30PM.

    Is this true or does the body shop need to be the one doing the reimbursing? Note, the windshield was not damaged by the hail. This was broken in the process of fixing the roof. Appreciate the help if anyone has experienced this before or knows about this type of issue.

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    It would be a nice gesture of goodwill from your bodyshop to pay for the stickers, but if they won't you will be SOL. I used to work in auto insurance and sell those stickers, and unfortunately they are numbered and part of inventory, so they can't be given away under any circumstances. Someone has to pony up and it will probably be you.
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