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Thread: Surgery?

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    Thank you so much for your support. I am feeling good. Took one Vicodin so far. And setting up my VCR in case i get knocked out when TOp model comes on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlottej
    I had oral surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth several years ago. I was prescribed Vicodan, but when I got dry sockets even 2 pills didn't ease the pain and they then gave me Demerol. That's some good stuff.

    2 months ago I had gall bladder surgery, and I was in the hospital a week having tests run. They shot Demerol into my IV every 4 hours....that was awesome!!

    Probably sometime in January, I'm having jaw surgery to correct the alignment. They will give me Demerol again, since I "do so well with it!"

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing!!
    Man, we're all a bunch of junkies.

    ETA: DJ -- I'm glad it's over and done with.
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    I had surgery back in March. I had slipped on my daughter's cat while walking down the stairs. i broke my ancle in 3 places....i have a nice metal plate and 7 screws (i had 8 but i just had that removed a week ago because it was loose....i loved telling people i had a screw loose )
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    Quote Originally Posted by greycoatonawitc
    I had surgery back in March. I had slipped on my daughter's cat while walking down the stairs. i broke my ancle in 3 places....i have a nice metal plate and 7 screws (i had 8 but i just had that removed a week ago because it was loose....i loved telling people i had a screw loose )
    I had 2 screws in the 2 bones in my left leg (since removed) (from a bicycle running over me -- yes that's right), and three plates and 12 screws in my neck from a fall while on a 24 mile run. Mkwood also has had a plate and screws in an ankle. Man, we're a wreck.
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    I sure wish I had seen this BEFORE you had your surgery. Please follow all of your directions to the letter. A dry socket is very, very painful. Be sure to eat with your pain medicine. If you take it on an empty stomach or with very little food you will vomit. It will make you feel horrible. I've been there and it's not fun. Whenever I remove a tooth I always tell my patients to get their pain meds filled immediately, eat something soft (not on that side) and take a pain pill. For the 1st day, I also tell them to take a pain pill every 4 hours whether they feel like they need it or not. It's easier to stop pain before it starts.

    Good like. I hope you feel better tomorrow. Be sure to give us an update tomorrow and let us know how you are doing.


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    I hope you feel better DJ!!!

    Ive never had surgery, but ive had 8 teeth pulled. Can i just say laughing gas is the coolest thing ever? i love that stuff. Im supposed to get my wisdom teeth out in a couple months.

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    DJ, I hope you're feeling better soon! Take care and get lots of rest.
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    DJ . . .

    Been there, done that.

    Like Toothdoc says, you do NOT --- ABSOLUTELY DO NOT --- want a dry socket. I've had one . . .

    Trust me, if you DON'T know Jesus (or whoever your Big Kahuna is) and you wind up with a dry socket, you will run up and introduce yourself to Him (Her) quick, fast and in a hellified hurry. I can't even really describe the pain, except to say that I was in such a bad way I couldn't even cry, groan or breathe deeply, that's how much it hurt.

    The doc is also absolutely right about the pain pills.

    TAKE them.

    Please keep us updated.

    Hope you feel better, soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    I just had some minor surgery yesterday. I have icky ugly stitches, in my face no less, but they will be gone next week.

    Eva, was the tubal ligation the rough surgery? I'm considering it but I'm a little nervous.
    Jane, jane, have your husband have a vasectomy, it's a far less complicated procedure, in and out of the doctor's office in half an hour!!!!!!!!!!

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    haha, i have been taking meds all week. and drinking every hour or so.
    can't wait for my mouth to recover.

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