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Thread: dog seatbelt harness for car/van ?

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    dog seatbelt harness for car/van ?

    I am interested in getting a dog seatbelt harness for my minivan. But as I've never owned one of these items I was hoping someone out there might have a suggestion. Like are the less expensive ones as good as the more expensive. Is a certain brand better?

    I have always used the crate for really long trips but for around town I was thinking this would be good. I've only had Lucky for 2 weeks and I know she used one at her foster home .......help....anyone? Lucky weighs about 40lbs.
    Thanks for listening.
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    Pansy, I don't have a dog so i can't answer your question. I do know that the number of dogs injured in auto accidents is very high, so I think the harness is a great idea. I hope you get some good suggestions. Have fun with Lucky!!

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    If you know who her foster parents were, maybe you can call and find out what kind she was trained to. She would probably be more comfortable with the familiar. I went with my son to get his Dalmatians at a pet store but can't remember the name. I think it's a national chain but will check to see. That was several years ago.

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