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Thread: Your annoying co-worker

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    Hi, Olivia!

    Your annoying co-worker

    You've read and posted to Where do you work? and What is your job? so why not supplement that thread with this one: Annoying co-workers. We all have them. So come on. Share. You'll feel better. I'll prime the pump:

    "Scott" (not his real name) has the office across from mine. For starters, he's obsessive-compulsive about his office. The fact he keeps his office neat doesn't bother me. The fact that he likes to come into mine and straighten the stapler or tape dispenser does.

    -Scott takes two or two-and-a-half hours for lunch.

    -When his wife calls his cell phone, he greets her with an Elvis impersonation ("Hey, bay-be.").

    -Scott takes complaining and whining to world-class levels. If he gets a new assignment, he'll spend at least half an hour whining to us about why it's unfair and why he shouldn't have to take on new work.

    -He always forgets his security pass, so if he steps out of our area, someone needs to get up and let him in.

    -Always short of change/cash. If this were you or me, we would grin and bear it, but he doesn't hesitate to hit you up for a quarter here, 50 cents there, for the vending machine. Once or twice is okay. Two or three times a week is annoying (and adds up quickly).

    -Likes to talk/think out loud often and to anyone within earshot about where he's taking his next vacation, what he's buying to decorate his house, his latest get-rich-quick scheme, etc.

    You might work with someone who would make Scott look like a dream co-worker. And even as we all know a Scott, we just may be someone else's Scott. Nonetheless, I think more than a few people would get a chuckle out of any stories you may have.

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    I worked for a geologist while I was in high school, and he was always high on something. Actually, when he was high, he was tolerable and unbelievably generous in giving out money and time off. It's when the drugs wore off that he was heinous and a complete liar. He was in his mid to late 40s and was starting to have back pain. Instead of just chalking it up to getting older like everyone else, he insisted that he was stabbed with a bayonette while serving as a Navy Seal. Coincidentally, he was also a Green Beret. And I'm not real sure they use bayonettes anymore, but I guess I could be wrong. But what I do know is that it would be really hard to serve in two elite forces in different branches of the military at the same time.

    He was also always flying off the handle, yelling, throwing things, threatening people, etc. When I quit so I could be a substitute teacher instead of a moving target, he left a message on my answering machine threatening to kill me! I still have that tape 11 years later, and it's funny as hell to hear that drunk bastard losing control of his "property" as he believed I was.......

    I also worked with a fellow teacher that was so loud and obnoxious that I always wanted to smack her! She wouldn't shut up about her little precious starting kindergarten in "Bedford," which I guess is a good school district. Or how her house in "Bedford" was just perfect for them. Or their neighbors in "Bedford" with their Mercedes. Good lord, she drove a Camry stationwagon and both she and her hubby were teachers! Not like they were living high on the hog or anything! Shut the f up! :rolleyes And she always had hand movements to go with everything. Makes me want to

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    Phil (the pill)
    Loud and obnoxious. He sits on the other side of the room there are seven people and a glass partion between him and me but I can and everyone else can hear every phone converstaion he has. Most annoying is that no matter what the converstaion you may be having with somone else he will butt in and bring it round to "when I was in the ariforce......." the fact that its been 20 years since he was in the airforce and we are not a military or even a government run agency seems to not matter at all to him. He also has to fill you in on every little detail of his personal life, I just want to yell, "shut up I dont care"
    and his asumption that everyone has the same opinion about politics and policies and the way the office should run is also very annoying and if you try to say otherwise you get a "but.but.but..thats just what i was trying to say..." then he takes on your opinion as if it was his so we just dont bother saying anything at all anymore. Oh and the fact that he is about 6ft and very much over weight yet always on a diet but constantly getting mcdonalds for breakfast and drinking calorie loaded ice coffees all the time despite telling us how fattening they are. Well I think I have said enough,thankyou for letting me vent, Whoops hes on his way over I can hear his voice its time to leave the office for a bit.

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    Freda the whiner.

    She is a hypochondriac. Constantly at the doctor or the chiropractor. Has a satchel full of "natural" vitamins and herbs but still feels awful all the time. Is starting to gain weight as is her 7 year old daughter. She brags about eating out all the time in one breath and in the next whining about not understanding how she is gaining all this weight, there must be something medically wrong. (all this said while stuffing her face with candy or twinkies :rolleyes )
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    I have Marie, she is an Executive at our land called Target.. she basically gets to call the shots.. unfortunately I feel like she deserves to be shot.. for example today, she trashed Guest Services adn then yelled at me when a pen was in the wrong place.. a Pen.. its like, get over it.. bitch about soemthign else.. she has this really shrill voice that makes you just want to cringe and she uses it frequently, usually to complain about something that hardly matters.. I consider her an Annoying co-worker
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    I've had a few annoying co-workers in the past, but I'm fortunate to say that even though my current co-workers do annoy me sometimes, we all get along very well.

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    Oh, I got a few of those.

    "Z" - snobby guy, who thinks he is at a higher level, in ability (which he is not, I can do, and manage the exact same thing).

    "Y" - The overly picky one, in EVERY single thing.

    "V" - the major gossip queen, and I mean MAJOR. I tell somebody something, the next day she knows...how the hell??

    Overall, I can't stand about 60% of all my co-workers, bassically due to race (they all stick with their own people, language bla bla bla), hierarchy.... :rolleyes , and basic snobby'ish sort of atitude..

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    I've worked with several semi-annoying people, but I'm pretty sure I'm the one that would be on their lists.

    (Arrive late, leave early, long lunches, constant personal phone calls, way too much boring chit-chat with others, calling in sick at least once a week, and extremely picky about everyone else's work if it's not up to my standards. How I've ever kept a job longer than a week is beyond me - must be my charming charisma, hilarious wit, long legs/short skirts )

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    One annoying co-worker from my past come into my mind. I liked this guy, but he had some really annoying habits, in particular when he was on the phone, and he was on the phone a lot and he was sitting in the cubicle next to me, so I got subjected to it all the time.
    When on the phone, he talked REALLY LOUD, so it was hard for me to even think when he was talking (did I mention that he was on the phone a lot?).
    He had a very needy girlfriend and used to talk with her several times a day - I knew more about his private life than I knew about anyone of my friends' private life :rolleyes.
    The most annoying to me though was his contstant use of the phrase "so to speak" when it made no sense at all. It was hard enough to shut him out and not listen, but hearing him saying "it is, so to speak, yellow" or something ridiculous like that in, so to speak, every other sentence, pulled me in, so to speak, and I caught myself just waiting for him saying it again, so to speak, like a trainwreck you just can't stop watching, so to speak.

    I've had a few other annoying co-workers, but for some reason he stands out (so to speak).

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Hmmm... I wonder if I'm anyone else's annoying co-worker.
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