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Thread: How Many Different Places Have You Lived?

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    Hm...where have I lived... *attunes mind to a few years back*

    1973-1985: Stavanger, Norway
    1985-1990: Skarnes, Norway

    1990-1991: Sequim, WA (USA -- exchange student)
    1991-1991: Seattle, WA (May to July, before I went back to Skarnes, Norway again)

    1993-1998: Trondheim, Norway

    1998-current: Upland, CA (USA....=))

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    Resident Single Gal erin_dye's Avatar
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    I've lived in and around the Flint, MI area my whole life. I have moved 8 times in the past 6 years, but have always stayed in the same area geographically.

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    1968-1973 Frankenmuth, MI
    1973-1986 Clarkston, MI
    1986-1990 East Lansing, MI (Go Spartans!)
    1990-1997 Clarkston
    1997-2000 Westland, MI
    2000-2001 Canton, MI (My first condo.. yahoo)
    2001-2002 Danbury, CT
    2002-2003 NYC
    2003-now Auburn Hills, MI
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    60-70 suburb of Detroit, one house

    71-04 suburb of Toledo, but three different houses
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    a few:

    born in Indianapolis, IN
    Valparaiso, IN
    Quad Cities, IL and then to IA
    Lexington, OH from just before Kindergarten until the beginning of my 8th grade year
    Quad Cities, IL (Geneseo) 8th grade through high school - my parents moved from there after my sophomore year in college
    Champaign - Urbana, IL college (University of Illinois) and then the 4 years after it. I actually lived 7 years in Champaign in 5 different places and one year in Urbana.
    St. Louis, MO from 2001-2002. Lived in the Central West End.
    Wisconsin - 2002-present. All of my relatives are from WI but it's the first time I've actually lived in the land of cheese.

    I identify the most with Illinois, living there for 16 years, and Ohio, living there for 8 years. Those two places are where I went to school also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PittGrrl04
    Dubois! I'm from Pennsylvania, and it just struck me how many "interesting" places you've lived in addition to Dubois! In fact, I think my one college roomate was from Dubois.
    I was an exchange student in high school. It's not exactly topping my list of places I have lived but it was interessting to get an insight into american culture. I think everyone should be an exchange student in a foreign culture as a part of their education.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigrazhia
    Hm...where have I lived... *attunes mind to a few years back*

    1973-1985: Stavanger, Norway
    Hey did you know that the city where you were born (Stavanger, Norway) and the city where I was born (Esbjerg, Denmark) are friendship cities? And I was born in 1973 too. How about that!

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    Wow no I didn't know Stavanger & Esbjerg were friendship cities, and the fact that you're born in 1973 is weird too considering the more I read, the more I keep finding similarities between you and I lol (i.e we're both Scandinavians moved to US & now I see we were both exchange students too, alas in different parts of the country.... :-))

    That's a pretty cool tidbit of info

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepysluggo
    - born in San Francisco
    - lived in a small central valley (CA) town from age 9-14
    - moved back to San Francisco for high school
    - went to school in Santa Cruz for two years (go Slugs! )
    - moved back to SF to go to SF State and have been here ever since
    (I tried living in Wisconsin for six weeks but it didn't work out, so it doesn't count)
    Wow Sleepy -- I didn't know you used to live in Santa Cruz.

    What small central valley town did you live in?

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    Dublin, OH
    I have lived at 24 different addresses in the following towns:

    Nashville, TN
    Goodlettsville, TN
    Antioch, TN
    Columbia, TN
    Havelock, NC
    Rocky River, OH
    Cleveland, OH
    Fairview Park, OH
    Bay Village, OH
    Westerville, OH
    Marion, OH
    Columbus, OH

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