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Thread: Where do you work?

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    AR Boy
    I work behind a desk and behind a steering wheel.
    Fun, pays good and a bit more since my Dad owns the company.

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    I work in a small boutique-sized marketing firm that specializes in B2B engineering/software companies. The subject matter will bore that pants off of anyone who breathes. But I love the people I work with and it's only temporary. I'm holding out for my own Donald Trump so I can live like a modern day princess. Oh, and I'm totally serious.

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    I work at the biggest of the Big 3 Automotive companies. I'm a Project Manager, and some days I'm busier than others.

    I absolutely Target. I went through major withdrawals living in New York and made special trips on a regular basis up to the Palisades Mall or out on Long Island just so I could maintain my fix. I loved it when Target would open up a special store in the city at Christmas... last year it was on a ship!
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    I work in a major secondary aluminum smelter (we recycle aluminum). I am the quality, environmental and safety engineer. Pretty boring sometimes, but I think it is important...It is kinda tough to work with all guys though.

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    Angel boy
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    I work in accounts payable for a general contractor. Not a lot going on right now, so I lurk around the FORT most of the day!!
    America- love it or leave it!

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    I manage a deli/bakery for Winn Dixie Supermarkets, not the most glamorous of jobs by any means, but it fell into my lap 10 years ago and I fell in love with it. I was beyond desperate for a job and got hired as the coffee shop girl/greeter...then not 2 days into it the deli manager heard I had several years of restaurant management in so he offered me the position of his assistant, I got promoted into a deli manager positon 2 years later. There's plenty of times the customer service end of the job annoys me to my wits end, but that comes with any sort of retail/service gig. My love for my job comes from the creativity we're allowed at my store from cake decorating to our custom salad program...also the fact that I have an incredible staff!

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    hangin' with the girls drinking Cosmos
    I work for a State Farm agent full time. I am licensed to sell all types of insurance. Part time I am a waitress at a bingo hall for 17 years (keep in mind I am only 29)
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    I'm a self-employed manufacturing systems consultant/programmer - I primarily work from home or on client sites (I love going to sites)

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    I have been a 911 dispatcher for the county I live in for 16 years. The job has good pay, job security and the most amazing stress I've ever been through. It would be difficult to describe this job to most people, no offense. Intense is a good word for starters though.

    Tigrazhia---good luck!!

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    I work at an ice sports complex evenings and weekends (yes, I. Am. Canadian. ) and am home with my kiddies during the day. My hockey job is okay, crappy pay and I have to deal with crazy hockey parents, but the people I work with are great and the job is not too stressful. Plus there have been bored NHLers roaming around and I expect we'll get to see a lot of them play for free this year.
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