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Thread: Where's Rox?

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    Where's Rox?

    My mother (Rox) and I have not been posting very much latly. Well more so her and i was telling her the other day i started posting again and she told me to tell all of you why she has been gone.

    Well its not that she doesnt love you becuase she told me she would love to be able to post. The thing is she is opening a store here in our home town . Its a store that hot presses desgins onto shirts like they did in the 70's, or so im told. Well after she quit driving school bus she went to work at an office job. She stayed there for about half a year and decided she would do what she wanted to, work for herself! So latly she has been working on getting the store up and running. Im very happy to say it will be open tommorow!! So she has been working her butt of but its going awsome. I helped paint but other then that i didnt really do anything . But me and my brother and one of my close friends along with my mom will be working there. So i was suppose to tell you she says hi and she wishes she could be posting!!

    With love,

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    Wow! That's awesome that your mom is opening a store of her own!
    Gustav Holst was right!

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    That's great. I hope it goes well, wish her the best.

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    The thread title confused me, I thought you were asking us!! I figured if anyone would know, it'd be you.

    I'm happy for your Mom. Best wishes for the new store!!

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    Wow on opening a store and I used to love those t-shirt shops when I was young.

    (god I'm sooooo old)
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    Moon Skin Child
    That is so cool! I wish I could go there to buy some shirts!

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