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Thread: Share your good news

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    Congrats on the job, Zhora! And great news, Tirlittan!

    I'm just happy because we are finally done with painting/remodeling our new house. We have been working on it for six weeks straight! It's finally all done (with the exception of hanging pictures), and our house feels more like our home. Now hopefully I'll have the energy to come and hang out here more often again.

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    Thanks for the congrats, you guys.

    Happy to hear of your improving eyesight Tirlittan! (Eyestrain must be a horrible thing to endure.)

    Way to go on finishing up your home improvement projects Charlie! I think I've spent the last two years on that stuff and I still never finished! Ugh.

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    Six weeks of painting? Congrats on finishing, that sounds like a lot of chaos.
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    Yeah it was, Hep. I can't wait to catch up on the sleep I missed!
    Zhora, I know what you mean! That's why I wanted to get it all done right away - otherwise I never would have completed it. Besides, if you moved into a house with clown wallpaper and border, you would probably get rid of it right away too!

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    I got an echocardiogram done last week (I was born with a slight valve problem and have been having a strange fluttering in my chest for months) and the results came back normal - no valve disease. I'm very happy about that.
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    Congrats to Charlie Bug on finishing your projects!
    Zhora, good luck with your job!
    Terena79, that is great news and I'm sure quite a relief. Take care of yourself!

    My good news, well for the first time in about 4 weeks, I can move without severe back pain. I have been confined to our sofa due to pregnancy, illnesses and a back injury from my last pregnancy that came back to haunt me. My poor husband and kids probably thought I would never be any fun again. I couldn't even stand up straight but the last two days have been nearly pain free and I can move like a normal pregnant person again. I actually feel happy again...I was really getting down with all the issues.

    My other good news is I'm at the halfway point - 20 weeks down, 20 weeks till baby!

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    So glad you're back on your feet and feeling better, applesauce. Halfway to baby-time is a joyous place to be

    - Uh...since you're done there, mind hopping over and helping me out? Not that I can't do it (I'm rather handy, actually) but where do I find the time????? Got to build a wall, divide my bedroom from my office to convert that to a new bedroom (for my beau's twin girls). Looks like we'll all be moving in (the twins just part time) together come end of Spring
    Glad to hear things are moving along for you.

    Terena79 - that must be quite a relief. I had similar concerns many years back - turns out it was Mitral Valve Prolapse, so I know how to prevent potential problems. GLad to hear everything worked out for you - the toughest part is not knowing.
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    Great news all the way around, it seems. From the SI swimsuit edition(Unk) to good pregnancy news to confirmation....good wishes to everyone. I am back from my cruise-first and last time. Everything was wonderful. Scenery was unbelievable.

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    My good news is that yesterday this guy asked me out. His name is Steven. He goes to my church, and I am friends with him and his 18 year old bro. Steven is 15. The funny news is, when he asked me out, I didnt think it was him. Because he kept asking if I was single it didnt seem like it was him. Besides, it was hard to tell because we were texting each other. So I was like, why the heck are you acting this way?? He replied, "Well, I wanted to go out with you. Besides, my gf just moved away, and I am asking you out". Then I said, "well shouldnt you grieve before asking someone else out??" he replied," i was sad the whole day. trust me i was sad and grieving. now is that a yes or a no??" It was funny..... Well, atleast I have a boyfriend now!

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    I became an Auntie for the first time today.

    Welcome to the world Jonathan Micheal Richard Cooper and see you in about 2 and a half weeks when student teaching is done

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