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Thread: Share your good news

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    J/J for the win! DJeterFan's Avatar
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    Good luck, dagwood! As someone who is on week two of a brand new job (and my first full-time one!) I know the feeling and wish you the best!

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    salt lake city ut
    Thanks, guys.
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    *crosses toes*

    Good luck!

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    Good luck dagwood
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    Quote Originally Posted by astrogirl_2100
    Since there is a thread for talking about your troubles, I though I'd start this thread for talking about good news in your life. For balance, sort of.

    I don't have any good news to share at this time, except that I am now living in New York City and not in the middle of nowhere. But most of you probably know that already.
    How apropos! I have an important job interview today which I'm hoping will LEAD to good news, so please cross your fingers for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LATAS
    How apropos! I have an important job interview today which I'm hoping will LEAD to good news, so please cross your fingers for me!

    WHOA! This is weird! I only found this thread searching "new posts" just now and posted the above, but scrolling up, it looks like the latest post in a while was the one I just MADE. Too weird and hopefully a really good omen!

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    Lota and Misty

    November 17 , 2004

    Lota and Misty arrived at 8am, safe and sound. After the trailer was parked in place and the ramp set up, the girls calmly walked off the trailer into their new barn. Misty was first; she was curious, cooperative and quite sweet. She comes with a killer reputation like many elephants that are released to the Sanctuary. We could see at first glance that she is attentive, mischievous, curious and at no time showed any signs of aggression. Misty will be a wonderful addition to the family. She calmly walked from the trailer into the barn, ate a few apples that were left for her and proceeded right outside. She investigated the yard and began grazing.

    A few minutes later Lota walked out of the trailer, equally as calm. Her emaciated condition is quite disturbing but she is also attentive and showed no signs of concern or aggression. The two are very compatible sharing a high level of curiosity. When Lota entered the barn Misty immediate returned from the yard and the two interacted, touching trunks. Within moments Misty discovered the toys strewed about the barn and began to play. They both exited the barn and went out into the yard. First they scratched on the trees, dusted themselves, and then they began to graze. Again they wandered back inside the barn and discovered the automatic waterers. They both drank, Lota drank nearly 30 gallons.

    The next few days will be spent helping Lota and Misty get completely comfortable in their new home. With that goal accomplished they will both begin to receive medication for tuberculosis.


    At 12:10am CT, they are 20 miles South of Indianapolis. While stopped for refreshments Misty drank 20 gallons of water and Lota drank 28. They are both relaxed and eating well.
    So live that anyone speaking ill of you is branded a liar

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    Dagwood and Latas -- good luck with the job interviews and hope you both get the news you're hoping for!

    Val, a great report for Lota and Misty so far! That's wonderful news!

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    I submitted my application today to graduate next term...I just may be beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Good luck and fingers and toes and hairs crossed for you all on your employment quests!
    I'm glad to hear about the phants are settling in so nicely!
    I wanted to share that my son is home from the Marines for 2 weeks! It'll be the first time that my sons will be home at the same time in 5 years! I am soooo excited!

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