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Thread: Share your good news

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    combatcutie - I'm so happy for you. We will all be rooting for you (silent spectators as you try to conceive- hee). You must be bursting with relief. Pom - I'm glad your boss is so supportive. You deserve it. Hope things are improving for you. JLuvs - I hate the certification process. Our Dept.of Ed. has been cut back so drastically that it takes forever to process certs. And if you run into any snafus, forgetaboutit. My good news is that I'm grading my 8th grade essays after a week of studying child labor abuse around the world, and once again I am incredibly touched by how deeply these otherwise egocentric adolescents feel about the topic.
    Count your blessings!

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    Glad to hear you up and about Gut! My little bit of good news is that my hubby is coming home today after an 8 day business trip...Yay!

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    Dberk and combatcutie! Congratulations! I can't wait until combatcutieschild appears on the boards, I wish you the best.

    And Dberk, new jobs are always exciting, AND you can wear jeans? Congratulations! I'm lucky in my new job that while some wear business suits, the immediate managers have no fashion sense (think flannel pants and polka dot top) so I don't feel bad wearing more 'relazed' clothes and my sneakers.

    My good news, that I say every new semester, I love my adult students! It was the first day of my new semester, 13 students, and they were so attentive, asked questions, and were into the subject. I had one that was complaining to me before class started that she couldn't sit through 3 straight hours, and at the end came up and said she caouldn't beleive it was over, she felt like it was only 1/2 an hour. I also had a couple others comment on how excited they are after the first class, and already have established my 'teacher's helper' and 'teacher's follower' Usually it takes until the second class to have students following me back to the office asking me all these questions. I so love that job! And even better, my boss heard the raves and told me that it's always a solid class, I jokingly said 'then give me a raise' and she said yes! And she wasn't joking, she said next semester my rate will go up.

    And Gut, glad to see you are feeling better AND enlightening your little'ens! I look forward to each of your posts.

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    This afternoon I ran into a former student and soccer player of mine. The school I taught at is in the "hood" and the kids don't have alot going for them. I had her the year my team won the district championship (1st championship title ever at this school). It was just a special group of girls that year and I knew from the beginning of the season that they would win it! (Convincing them was a different story and I could write a book about that!) We used to hang out in my classroom after practice since most of them had no real family to go home to. We talked about everything from hair and make-up to their families and boys, lots about boys! We grew very close and I've often wondered what happened to these girls who had the odds stacked against them. Only one has kept in touch with me. She graduated from college last year and is now a teacher herself. I couldn't be prouder if she was my own! Anyway, the girl that I saw today was in a gang when I met her. She was pretty much an orphan living with friends. Her boyfriend was pretty controlling and also in a gang. I saw her potential right away. She had two things going for her. She was a straight A student and loved soccer! Over the course of the soccer season, we got her out of the gang(not an easy task...another book) and tracked down her aunt in another state that she moved in with at the end of that year. She even spent a few days with me until the move could take place.(A big no-no with the school district but I never was one to follow all the rules! And this was before I had a rule-following, law-abiding policeman for a husband and my own kids!) We eventually lost touch and I never knew what happened to her. Today she thanked me and told me that she's a nurse at a clinic in her old neighborhood. She wanted to give back! She's also happily married with a baby on the way! We hugged and cried and I am so proud of her! Sorry for the long post but that's my good news! It makes me happy to hear another success story when there aren't many in that neighborhood and to know I may have had a small part in it!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    that is a cool story

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    That is so great Lildago. What a difference you made in these girls!

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    What a wonderful story, Lildago.

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    I've learned I have a lot of courage and no one can ever touch that. It's mine.

    Great stories here....(puts me in tears at times)

    I'm such a wimp
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    That is so awesome. Its great to hear news like that where kids turn around because someone special and caring enough was there for them.
    Kudos to you
    There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved- George Sand

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    Wow LD. How cool is that?
    "Among the blind, the squinter rules." ~ Gerard Didier Erasmus

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