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Thread: Share your good news

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    That's great to hear Pomeraniac! It's great to hear about everyone elses good news too.

    (btw Pom, I was reminded of your screenname when a neighbor of mine got a new dog, a Pomeranian they rescued from a puppy mill. It was very skittish when they got it but it seems to be doing better now on walks, etc. If I'm walking my dog Addy and I come across her and the new dog she always picks her dog up instead of letting them meet. Something about Siberian huskies, everyone loves them but a lot of people are a bit afraid of their wolf-like appearance too)
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    Quote Originally Posted by queenb
    Good for you...and I'm way jealous. The doctors I've seen seem determined to wait forever. I've gotta go have my fibroid scanned again Monday...which caliber pistol do you reccommend threatening the doc with to make them just please get it out of there?
    Maybe one like Dirty Harry carries?
    Well, I've just turned 41 and my lovely male doctor wanted me to wait until I was 45 to have one. So, I changed to a great female doctor and she gave it to me almost immediately. She's the one I wanted to begin with but the problems made me take who I could get. I had a 1 1/2 pound fibroid and feel so much better now that it's gone! Good luck with yours. I know what a hassle and pain they can be.
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    Pom great to hear your feeling alive again.

    I woke up today after a great nights sleep. the ribs have been hurting and I was having trouble sleeping in any position except on my back cause of the incision but I took two pain killers last night and woke up this morning after 9 hours sleep. was I surprized. now to sleep without the pain killers since I am trying to wake my guts up and get them working again and pain killers clog up you.

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    1st day of high school tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    It's official! I got the job. There is a base pay and incentive pay. It should equal around $2 an hour raise!

    I guess we know who's buying the first round in Vegas, eh? Congrats, Dag. It makes me happy when good things happen to good people.

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    Finally some good news

    bet you all are shocked to see me in this thread for a change.

    I just found out tonight that I have another neice or nephew on the way.

    Please be neice as I want one of each

    I don't know when the baby is due yet...but I will let you all know when I find out.

    ps. My Mum doesn't know so please don't tell her
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    I was really pleased to see you in this thread! Congratulations on the new neice (or nephew)!
    Count your blessings!

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    Congratulations JLuvs, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for a niece! Gut is right, it's really good to see you in this thread.

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    Congrats JLuvs - nieces are great fun! Being a mom to 2 boys, and having 3 brothers and no sisters - I claim it is my duty to see that my sweet little angel gets anything she wants when she is at my house. Heh - I know - prolly not the best idea, but I cannot take it when she says PEEEEZE Auntie Ana.
    And on that note, my good news is my nieces mom is coming home tomorrow. Doctors are allowing her to travel, heart looks good and Kami gets Mommy back.
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    Well, the update on softball is that I'm playing on Sundays and I cannot believe how great it is to be able to handle this again after so many years of being way too sick to do stuff!!! It's a miracle!!!

    I'm playing on a coed team (7 guys, 3 gals) and at 42, I'm the oldest one on my team. I got a particular chuckle tonight because some of the broads on the other team were trash talking me whenever I stepped up to bat.

    They were doing their best to get to me, and I chuckled to myself as I quietly thought, "You can't trash talk me, you piece of crap -- I'm Pomeraniac! I can out-trash talk you with both hands tied behind my back!!!"

    It worked, 'cause I had two singles and a double and 5 RBIs.

    The nerve of them, trying to trash talk ME!!! (See how good this place has been for me???)

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