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Thread: Share your good news

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gutmutter
    I should have explained that that is an in-joke with my students. I have a replica of the tower in my classroom with a toy pizza glued on top.
    That's the other reason I didn't want to say anything - I figured you guys were just trying to make me hungry.

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    I wanted to say thanks to you FORTers who have been praying for my niece's mom. Shelley had her 8 hour surgery in Texas, and it appears that things are progressing quite nicely. She is resting comfortably, and as long as things continue as they have been, she should be released later this week for the long trip back from Texas to Michigan.

    My niece, Kami, has been missing mommy something terrible. She often goes to the door and cries for mom to come back for her. "Why did you forget me? I want to go to Texas with you." is her typical plea when she gets tired. Daddy keeps reassuring her that mommy will be home in a few more days, and he calls Shelley often to let her talk to her as well. Today we will learn exactly how long until mommy comes home - hopefully she will be home by this weekend.
    Again - I thank you all for your prayers and thoughts.
    GOD is so good!

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    I have good news today.

    I had to have a quad-screen test (which is a blood test - easy) which they do during pregnancy. It screens for spina bifida, downs syndrome and neural defects. It's basically a risk assessment - nothing definitive - but nerve wracking nonetheless.

    I got my results back today and everything was FINE!!

    My husband and I are so happy. One step closer to telling my daughter she's going to be a big sister (not telling until I have my halfway sonogram)

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    That's great, Marybeth!
    He who laughs last thinks slowest

    #oldmanbeatdown - Donny BB16

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    CCL is online now
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    Good stuff, Marybeth!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    well I'm out and back home, stomach is sore but I just hope its the last time i got to do this, going in every two years is getting to be a pain in the gut.

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    Marybeth-whew! glad to hear things are good!!

    Joeguy-glad to hear you're out and your gut is good!

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    I just had a hysterectomy two weeks ago. No more pain(fibroids) except for getting well! Woo hoo! Marybeth, I'm glad you had good news, too.
    "You're gonna tip that boat over and wet my weave!" To Rome For Love on Bravo

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    Quote Originally Posted by agamergirl
    I just had a hysterectomy two weeks ago. No more pain(fibroids) except for getting well! Woo hoo! Marybeth, I'm glad you had good news, too.
    Good for you...and I'm way jealous. The doctors I've seen seem determined to wait forever. I've gotta go have my fibroid scanned again Monday...which caliber pistol do you reccommend threatening the doc with to make them just please get it out of there?
    I do have some good news... my vacation last week was a blast (will dig out the vacation thread and post pics), my next vvacation which includes Fortcon is in 3 1/2 weeks, and I've got a few days off in October too. I love getting some time off three months in a row.
    I have found the Truth and it doesn't make sense.

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    I love this thread, you guys!!! It's so fun to catch up on the GREAT things going on in everyone's lives!

    My update is that I'm really on this coed softball team and I can't believe how well I'm feeling. I played like mad last week, took 196 pitches in batting practice, and I'm playing in a double-header on Sunday afternoon.

    I've had chronic Lyme Disease since 1994 and I've not been able to do much of anything (until now) since 1996, so this is huge to me.

    My coworker's 5 year old dog just died of Lyme Disease complications last week, and it was a reminder to me of how far I've come, so that in itself is good news worth sharing.

    It helps to focus on what I have, instead of focusing on what I've lost.

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