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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    WoW ADK! I'm so sorry to hear that...but am certainly glad he is okay....divine intervention at work.....
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    ADK, I just read this and I am so sorry to hear about Eric's accident. I'm glad he is okay. He definitely had an angel watching over him. Sending big hugs to you, Eric, Emma, and the twins.
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    ADK - oh my word those pictures gave me chills. Prayers for you and Eric and your family. I'm so glad he's okay.

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    I am so thankful that Eric is ok. He had an angel with him.
    I was in a couple of bad car accidents and they were amazed that I wasn't hurt more. My husband said my angel was working over time when I was in both of those accidents.

    I don't even feel like I should complain about what I coming here to tell you all about. I just read on the MSNBC website that Bextra is being pulled from the market. I had back surgery in 1992 for a spinal tumor, it was not cancer and I do ok for the most part, until a few years ago I slipped and fell on my icy front porch and messed my back up. I was in pain all the time. Bextra gave me a new lease on life and I just don't know what I am going to do with out it. I took Vioxx for a while, but it made me gain about 20lbs. I also tried Celebrex, but it just didn't work at well. So when the doctor tried me on Bextra I was not expecting it to be any better than Celebrex, but it was.
    I almost feel like I am in a state of panic, I know I still have some Bextra left at home, but I have no idea how many days I have left of it. It scares me to think about the awful pain coming back and me not being able to do anything about it. Thanks for letting me share, even though I feel like my problem is not as big as some of the others I have read about on here.

    Hugs to all,

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    ADK, I'm so glad Eric is ok. My thoughts are with you, Eric, Emma, and the twins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Curly_Hair
    I just read on the MSNBC website that Bextra is being pulled from the market.Curly
    I just heard a doctor on my local news say physicians should still be able to help their patients get Bextra? He said that it shouldn't be taken on a regular basis, but he didn't think it was unsafe on an irregular basis. You should talk to your doctor about it, for sure.

    I know what you are going through. I've had multiple surgeries on my neck and have three discs removed, and metal plates put in. I have terrible pains still from all this. Celebrex and Vioxx were miraculous, but they were pulled as you know. I use lidocaine patches that help, and don't make me woozy. I have pain meds when things get really bad, but you might as well roll me up and tuck me in bed , so I try not to take them too often. You might ask your doctor about lidocaine. You wear them for 12 hours, off for 12 hours. Hope you get relief somehow, someway.
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    This site! I never seem to get things right and the mods seem to always mis-interpret things I say. It erks me!
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    ADK. I am so sorry to hear about Eric's accident but so happy that he is alright. He was being watched over that's for sure. Goodluck to all of you.

    Curly..hopefully your doctor will still be able to get it for you, goodluck!

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    ADK, just stopping in to echo everyone in here. Glad he is ok and hope you can recover emotionally soon. Good Luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    Celebrex and Vioxx were miraculous, but they were pulled as you know.
    Celebrex too? I didn't know that was pulled too.

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