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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    Quote Originally Posted by imajunkie2
    My parents had a foster home for children with disabilities when I was younger. I'm not sure who it was but they gave us a gift, it was this poem in a nice frame. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your sister
    Must...stop...sobbing. This tore me up!!
    America- love it or leave it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clipse
    to Muduh and Gagi. Gagi hopefully they find what is wrong with him, with the way everything has advanced I would think they would find out soon enough. And Muduh I am very sorry to hear that, good luck with everything.
    My prayers are with Ryan, Gagi.

    Mudah my prayers and thoughts are also with you. I have relatives on both my mom and dad's side of the family that have carried grudges for years or try to be petty........I know it makes it even harder when you are trying to grieve and people like that are around it makes it very difficult.

    Mudah it sounds like you already do alot for your inlaws and I say trust your intuition. Your husbands other relatives should contribute to, don't let them get away with having you do it all on the holidays.

    I have only one brother and there are lots of times (more often than not) that I am upset with my brothers wife.

    I guess what I'm saying is stick to what you believe or feel is best for your family and we will be right here to support you.

    I hope all this made sense.......
    Smile it makes people wonder what you are up to.

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    Thanks for being here friends. Love you all.
    Belfastgirl, my nephew and his wife have a little girl with Downs. She is an adorable kid and has made amazing progress. She learns a little (okay, maybe a lot) slower than the other kids, but she does learn. She's all involved in ballet now. They got all the information they could and have worked with her every day her whole life. Let me know if you need me. I'm here.

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    Muduh, just know that you have all the support you need here at FORT. I will never understand why when people divorce, everyone else is expected to divorce themselves from that person as well. When someone develops a relationship or friendship, you don't stop caring about them because they get divorced. It just doesn't make sense. I think your brother in law's wife should have been focusing elsewhere than on your friendship with his ex wife. You are a good friend with solid values that are correctly placed. I respect you for standing by your friend.

    Gagi, I will keep Ryan in my prayers. Nothing is worse than a child in pain.

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    I'm gonna add this to my pity-party theme:

    I have a hole in my eardrum. (had it for a long time, boring story) But the troubling part is that when I cry tears come out my ear. Have you heard the old country song where it says "I have tears in my ears from crying in my bed over you"?

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    Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers for my nephew, Ryan. He has been diagnosed with RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). It's pretty rare and there is no cure. Once he gets into treatment, he will be taught how to maintain and control his pain.

    Currently, we are trying to get him an appointment with the foremost specialist in the country, Dr. David Sherry in Philadelphia. Usually, people wait 2-3 months to get an appointment for their children. My sister has an opportunity to get Ryan an appointment on 9/20 if she can get all his test results sent to Philly ASAP. Hopefully, the medical records dept of the hospital will understand the urgency and get the results sent out immediately.

    From the research I've done, Ryan will be put in intensive physical therapy six hours a day for 8 to 12 weeks without medication. Currently, he can only exist on percoset (sp?), and it knocks him out. He can't go to school, can't concentrate, and his short-term memory is affected.

    I believe in miracles, and Ryan has seen several already. He was diagnosed in a little over a week. Usually, it takes several months for the doctors to figure it out. Second, he has an excellent chance of seeing a specialist next week when others have had to wait months. I can see God's hand in this.

    Thanks again for your good wishes. I am still praying for each of you who posted. What's that saying? Joy shared is twice the joy. Sorrow shared is half the sorrow.

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    Gagi. I'm so sorry about your nephew. How wonderful that he is getting the treatment he needs, and so expeditiously. I have never heard of that condition. When you know more, let us know how his treatment is progressing and what his prognosis is.

    Belfastgirl, my MIL runs a group home for adults with a variety of conditions, including Down's. In the right environment and with a supportive family, kids afflicted with DS can lead wonderful, full lives. Your little nephew is even fortunate enough to have older siblings to learn from. I don't know the situation in Ireland, but here DS kids are often mainstreamed into the public school system and receive vocational training. The future is very bright for these very special kids. I think your sister will be pleasantly suprised and relieved when she is ready to hear about the programs and support available.

    Muduh I don't for the life of me know why funerals bring out the worst in people. So NOT a time for infighting and pettiness. Stick to your guns and stay away from poisonous relatives. Life is too short for that crap. If you want to vent, you know where to find me.
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    Gagi, sorry to hear about your nephew, hope all will work out well.

    Mudah, you have been so great to everyone here. If you need anything or want to talk, feel free to PM me anytime. *hugs* to you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh
    My sister in law called Tuesday afternoon, crying. I assumed the end had come for their dad. Not so. My husband's younger brother had had a massive heart attack and died. He was 54. I had always liked him until about three years ago. He was 14 when we married and I considered him my little brother too. He married five years later and we had babies in the same year. His wife and I were (and are) best friends. They went through a bitter divorce a few years ago and he wanted every family member to write her off. Since she had done nothing to me, I was the hold out. We're still close.
    The night of the visitation she and I stayed together and visited with friends they had had together. My husband stayed with his mother and sister. Fine.
    Yesterday at the funeral I sat with her, my husband with the family. At the cemetery my brother in laws present wife, who I sincerely hope I never lay eyes on again, walked up while I was visiting with a woman and told the woman that everyone was going to "her" house and they were invited. We weren't and I felt bad for my husband. He would have liked to be with his family. I told him to go on and I would go over to his aunts (across the road from the cemetery). He wouldn't do that, wasn't invited anyway, and the two of us went out to lunch and back to our motel.
    Sorry for the loss of your brother in law, but I am very proud of you for sticking your guns and sitting with your ex sister-in-law and friend. Life is so short, I for the life of me can not understand why family members have to be petty during a difficult time, such as a funeral. I know people are broken hearted and more stressed at these times, but like someone said earlier, can we not swallow our pride and pay our last respect to the deceased. May God be with you and your husband during this very difficult time. If you need to talk, I am here for you.
    For the rest who have posted troubles and need prayers, each of you are in my prayers. I am a firm believer in prayer and God. God is always there for us, even when we feel He isn't. When you think He's forsaken you, it is times like those, that He is carrying you through your very difficult time. Trust and Depend on Him.. He will never let you down. When my father passed away 5-1/2 years ago, I was so angry at God. I was at work when my father died. The hospital had called me at work and told me I needed to get to the hospital that my dad's condition had worsen. The drive was 15 minutes. They called me at 2 o'clock, dad died at 2:05pm. I couldn't understand why God didnt allow me to get to the hospital for one last time to tell my dad goodbye. I prayed and prayed about this, and even questioned God as to why He let this happen. After many prayers and tears, I was revealed the reason, and that was that I could not handle being there knowing my dad was dying, no matter how bad I wanted to tell him goodbye and that I love him, I would had not been able to deal with the fact that my dad was dying. So God had me at the place, He knew was better for me. You see, God knows what our future holds, and He knows what is best for us. All we need to do is trust His will.
    I also wanted to let you all know that my fiancee' had gallbladder surgery on August 5th. He had to have the "open cut", because his gallbladder was embedded to his liver. He is on the road to recovery and is doing better every day. I ask each of you to keep him in your prayers, as he heals from surgery. Also, I am currently awaiting for my permanent residency to be approved in Canada. I have been in processed since April. The process takes about 6 months. Please pray that this is approved and all goes well, so that we can work on our wedding plans. Lots of Love to each of you.
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    bunny, Babe, you don't know the half of the pettiness of this bunch. I have taken their rudeness and abuse for all these years. My husband doesn't stand up for me and they all think I'm an unreasonable shrew. The sister runs the entire family. No one (but me) makes a move without her approval. when she calls to talk to my husband and I answer, she immediately asks for him. No small talk or anything. Guess that's a little better than our early married years though. They all would call, collect, person to person for him. If he wasn't home, they would repeat it every few minutes till he got home. It drove me crazy. (That's MY excuse, what's yours?) It also angered me because I was making most of the money then while he was in training for a trade. I also had two kids to take care of.
    Hey J.D. the song title is "I've got tears in my ears from "layin" on my back crying over you." Such a lovely song.

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