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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    Pinkie, I think it's great that your problem is being TOO smart for your classes, rather than the other way around. If you're already in the most advanced classes you can take, you might consider talking to your guidance counselor or your parents about whether you could do some sort of dual enrollment in some local college classes. Or take even harder classes next year. Probably not this school year, though, and I'd say just try to pay enough attention that you don't let your grades slip.
    As far as college, it sounds to me like you would be bored at a school that isn't academically challenging. Other than that, only you can tell how far away you want to be. But college really is a chance to expand your horizons and try new things.
    It's such a fine line between stupid, and clever. -- David St. Hubbins

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    I'm sorry about your pain joeguy- take it easy and try to get as much rest as possible.

    Now time for my problems

    1. School just doesn't excite me anymore. I used to enjoy learning and gaining more knowledge. But lately, everything has just been so boring. I feel like everything we do is incredibly easy. I don't have to pay attention in a single one of my classes. So basically, I am wasting my entire day from 8-3. It's like, and I really don't want to sound arrogant about this, but I feel like I'm just smarter than most other people around me, and the teachers are catering to the less smart people. I mean, I have an A+ in Chemistry Honors and Algebra 2 Honors at one of the toughest schools around. That really shouldn't happen too often.

    School is just SO boring lately, so much so that I don't even care anymore. In math, I never pay attention to her lectures and do my homework three days ahead. In English, I totally zone out my very feminist teacher's voice talking about equality, sexism, and acceptance. In Chem, I doodle. All period long. Just doodle. French is the worst. We've been working on the imparfait, a verb tense, for about 4 weeks now and people still don't get it. I literally count the minutes in that class And my World History teacher is so spacey, we have the entire period to goof off. Nothing I do at school is productive! I want something to challenge me!

    Problem #2- College. I realize I'm only a sophomore, so I still have some time to think about things. But I've been looking into things, and there are just too many schools that I like! I want my college experiance to be something different. I've lived in the same area of California all my life and I want to leave. I know that I want to major in Food Science or Nutrition, so that narrows down the schools a bit. But there's so many types of colleges. I go to a somewhat small high school, about 1500 students, so I want it to be quite a bit bigger than that. But would I feel lost at a school of 20000?

    And then there's the location of the school. I've been seriously looking into Colorado State University, but after never seeing snow except in Tahoe about once every 5 years, will that be too cold for this Californian? Would the East Coast be too far from home? And what about academics. I could probably get into a really good school, and would going to a not so academically challenging school be too boring? And do I want to play field hockey in college on a club team or a real team or not at all? Ugh. There's just SO MANY colleges to look at. I'll never be able to decide.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

    Regarding classes, I too found sophomore year to be a breeze, it wasn't until junior year when things really started to pick up. The classes became college level classes (ie AP) and the teachers were forced to move along quickly to get all the material done for mandatory exams that followed the course. After junior year, I wished I could go back to sophomore year where I really didn't have to pay much attention and didn't have much Homework.

    Regarding college, I recommend going to your guidance consoler. They would probably have some great advice for you as they are usually very knowledgeable. Check out this link which gives you a little quiz and can possibly give you some idea on the type of school you wish to attend. http://www.fiskeguide.com/belong.html

    I hope this helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ADKLove
    I 'm sorry you're ailing, joeguy. Hope it eases for you soon.

    On a lighter note - I just may have to steal that line to use as my sig line "if pain was pleasure this would be orgasmic".
    steal away dear lady, just happy to help!

    made it through work today with an average amount of pain. just enough to really be a pain in the back.

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    Aw joeguy, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I hope you can lie down a lot and rest and let the dogs hang out with you and cheer you up some.

    Take it easy!!! Get well soon!!!

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    Early Tuesday morning I had to go to the emergency room with kidney pain. Turns out it was a kidney stone (which I figured, I've had them before). So I was in surgery Wednesday *they put in a tube between my kidney and bladder) and now I have to go for follow up today and Monday (with and outpatient surgery on Monday). Trouble is that my insurance company wants a referal from my primary care physiscian. And ofcourse, they are not there today. I am trying to page their doctor on call, but I don't think I am doing it right, because noone is calling me back I am on bedrest, antibiotics and some mild pain medication.

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    astrogirl and joeguy, I really hope you both feel better soon!

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    Joeguy, I am so sorry you are having trouble with you back.
    I have back pain also. I had surgery in 1991 to remove a tumor, but thank God it was not cancer. I now have two disc that are bluging and they bother me from time to time, but I have a mild pain, just about every day.
    I hope you get better soon.

    Astrogirl, I am so sorry you have a kindey stone. I hear those little buggers are a real pain. I have never had one thank goodness, but I hope you get it passed and are back to your normal self soon.

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    Oh Joeguy and Astro - take good care of yourselves!!

    Astrogirl - those stones are just awful! I hope you get the insurance straightened out.

    My troubles today consist of having to fight with a collection agency over $750 due to the cable company that I canceled THREE YEARS AGO and returned the equipment (they said I didn't). Finally got it straightened out in October and got another letter yesterday. UGH! Thankfully, the cable company lady was nice, said it should have been straightened out and told the collection agency - again - to remove it.

    I'm ridiculously anal about money and never ONCE paid anything late in my LIFE! I have excellent credit and didn't want that screwing it up!!! So it's not really troubles anymore, but it still irked me!!

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    Astrogirl....good luck on the insurance fiasco.....man can they be hardheaded jerks. while your in pain they want you to go shopping......jerks

    today my back isn't hurting but the back of my right thigh feels like someone hit it witha ball bat. makes walking a real joy not to mention walking down steps, darn the luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp

    My troubles today consist of having to fight with a collection agency over $750 due to the cable company that I canceled THREE YEARS AGO and returned the equipment (they said I didn't). Finally got it straightened out in October and got another letter yesterday. UGH! Thankfully, the cable company lady was nice, said it should have been straightened out and told the collection agency - again - to remove it.

    marybeth, I feel for you. This is a very common practice with cable companies. Our "old" cable company did the same thing when we moved a few years ago. They said we didn't return an old cable box that we had returned "6" years earlier when we changed our TV. They were trying to charge us for hundreds of dollars and I kept telling them the cable guy took it with him when he switched out our box back in 1996! I called every single day until I managed to get someone to clear my account. Good luck getting that settled.

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