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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    I feel horrible tonight. My 11 yr old just called one of his close friends to get the homework that's due tomorrow. He brought me the phone--the boy's mother wanted to talk to me. She was crying and told me her son was in an accident today. He was going to be ok, but he's in the burn center with 3rd degree burns on his legs, and elsewhere, from his clothes catching fire. He's most likely going to be there 2 weeks and will have 2 surgeries. Just imagining what this family is going through makes me feel sick inside. The boy is alert and in good spirits, and asked for my son and another friend to come visit. She told me she understood if I didn't want to expose my son to that situation. I told her not to think twice about that, and we'd be there as soon as she gave us the word (he's having surgery tomorrow.) The burn center is about 25 miles away. I think the best thing I can do is drive my son over there after school as many days as the boy needs company.

    I feel so awful about this that I had to express it somewhere. I'm glad you guys have this thread here.
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    Poor little boy, my trouble started when I was in 6th grade. My parents divorced and now I'm living with my mother. Worse of all they divorced because my dad cheated on my mum, but to top that it was a guy. He admitted it so she didn't catch him. I still see my dad but the way i look at him now is different. But it opened my mind to gay people. I didn't mind gay people before but now i see a different side of them somehow and it makes me more open minded. Sometimes i see my mum crying but don't know what to do, she doesn't talk to my dad anymore but my dad does feel sorry that he broke my mum's heart.

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    Malibu, I'm so sorry to hear about your son's friend. I hope everything works out with him. I'm glad that you have decided to take your son to see him. My prayers will be with him and his family in this time of need.
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    I have many problems. I will only post a few here though....

    I have a friend. She doesn't go to church. She doesn't believe in God. I do. She insults God and says horrible things about that whenever I am around. She says she doesnt believe in him, and she thinks its just a bunch of bull. She has said so many bad things about him that are just horrible. She says to me, I never have been to church and I never plan to go. Now, I can't tell who to go to church and who not to go to church. But it is hard for me to be around her whenever she says stuff about God like that. It just upsets me. And I am not brave enough yet to confront her about how it hurts me. I truly dont know what to do.....
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    Wow. Pretty brazen of her to be like that.

    I think you should just say something to her, like.."I DO believe in God and quite honestly..you're offending me by saying that. That's OK for you to have your beliefs, and I'd hope that it's OK for me to have mine...without constantly hearing you say mean things about it"..

    It's fine that everyone has their own thoughts, ideas and plans about the 'afterlife' & WHO is going to "be there" for us .. but I do not think it's fine for anyone to trash other's beliefs.

    Sorry she's acting so weird, weathergirl.
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    OMG, Pam. I will keep that little boy in my prayers.

    Dropletsofrain, I am sorry your family got torn apart like that. The best thing you can do is be there to give your mom comfort.

    Weathergirl, it is hard when people insult what you believe. You probably don't need to be confrontational. Just tell this person that it is insulting when she talks like that, and while you respect her feelings she should respect yours, too. (I know, it is never that easy )
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    Thank you guys so much! I was never going to be confrontational, but I truly didnt know what to say. Thanks for the advice. And I dont think she realized that she was trashing my beliefs, and it truly wasnt right. Thanks again! And MalibuPam, that is a horrible story! I am SO sorry it happened and I hope the little boy is okay!

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    Work is awful right now. Just awful.

    I got written up for not having enough face to face direct service time.

    A friend of mine at work got fired. I talked to her briefly but haven't found out what has been going on.

    Another friend of mine got written up also, for not calling in directly when she was in the hospital for 3 days but having a family member do it.

    The only good thing about this job was the flexability, the pay is lousy, the supervisors are rude, and I hate driving downtown and walking through a lousy area every day. I'm not sure if they are 'cleaning house', I know many people got written up for various things so I'm not being singled out, but I don't like the present situation at work. I don't need to be paranoid.

    Plus, I don't like how they track service hours. It's stupid. If I do an assessment, I bill for the assessment plus paperwork time in one time block. But now I have to also do a planning meeting plan with the person. Well, they want me to add that time on after the block of time for the assessment. But it has to be done face to face. I feel it should be face to face assessement time, time for pre plan, and then write up time. It makes more sense, but no one agrees with me.
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    Ugh, sounds awful, nlmcp. If everyone is being written up...it sounds like a management problem. Sheesh.

    My troubles are kind of counter-balanced with good stuff, but I still feel like venting for just a wee second. Imagine starting a new job the day after you come down with a bad sinus infection AND pink eye. Yeah, pink eye. I'm 34...no idea how I got it. (Isn't pink eye something elementary school kids come home with?!?) I've felt like death warmed over for days now. New job - good. Feeling like crap and having to pretend everything is fine - bad. Very very bad. *sigh* The antibiotics/steroids are just starting to kick in, so hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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    Tell me I'm doing the right thing - I decided to quit my job.

    I have been on here complaining for a while. The nurses think they are Gods gift to humanity and walk around like a gang that owns the place. They terrorize the assistants, have been bumping into my chair so often that I have a spinal inflammation with pain radiating down my arms. So this is the saga:

    Getting pissed at how they treated the assistants, and being the only assistant forced to sit with the nurse (and being outisde the department, have to tell them to follow proper protocol - I'm QA) I organized a lunchtime party for all of us support staff, a 'support staff support each other' thing to fall inbetween two birthdays of secretaries, the week of admin assistants day, and the first day of employee appreciation week at work. Apparently, this set off a vendetta. So the bumping increased. I have told them many times to stop it. this time when I told the nurse to stop it she told me to hush because it didn't hurt. I was livid, I told her that as a nurse working with CANCER patients she should know better. Because she feels something doesn't mean I don't we have different sensitivities and she should just be more careful, there is plenty of room. She told me that she didn't do it on purpose. That didn't help her cause, I said that's even worse becuase your doing it just because you don't care at all, and she should really learn to watch where she is going because it has been a YEAR, there is no one behind me, and there is not an excuse for it going on so long. (by the way, I had talked to an administrator about it before, she told me there was nothing they could do because there is no where to move me).

    LAter that day a member of this nurses team walks by and places a piece of garbage on my desk, half of a pen. I throw it to the trashcan, it hits the can, then lands on the floor next to the trashcan. This nurse picks it up, walks over to my desk (past the trashcan) and places it on my desk telling me I missed. I say 'pity' because I am just so pissed. I stand up, walk over to the trashcan, and drop it in. The nurse comes over and says that she wants to have a meeting with me to discuss my behavior. I just say 'goodness'. She walks away.

    A week later I get called into the administrators office. The nurse wrote a letter stating that I maliciously threw a sharp projectile that narrowly missed hitting her and when she wanted to discuss the matter with me I used a perjorative. She continues in the letter stating that my malevelont behavior needs to be attached to my permanent file. I tell the administrator what has happened, what has been happened, and the diagnosis I got from my doctor that is most likely due to them. She goes back and tells the nurse that it is basically a bullshit letter.

    The nurse then takes it a higher administrator who I am meeting with on tuesday. Apparently, per my administrator she has compiled many issues and numerous complaints against me.

    I feel this is total character assasination, I was so repulsed when I heard that that I did vomit (outside of work, not in) and took the next day off. The timing is too conspicuous. I have been there a year, and it is after this party (and after I hear she was mad it didn't involve nurses) that she starts this bull? And my complaints were dismissed for a year.

    As I start a new career in September (teacher, starting interviews soon) I feel I don't have to put up with such a hostile environment. I am talking to the administrator to explain how the nurses terrorize eveyone, because I will not let them think they won. I have also compiled a 4 page document of the things they have done throughout the year I have been there and have a note from my doctor stating that it is a medical necessity for me to not experience stress to my back and be allowed enough room to practice proper posture techniques. But I can also temp for the summer and will receive enough taxes back from the gov'ment to live for 3 months w/o worry.

    By quitting in April I still get my 3 weeks vacation time and health benefits through the end of the month. That leaves me four months w/o health insurance. The day I took off I called all my doctors to set up appointments. Over the phone they said I am healthy and shouldn't worry, that the main problems they see involve me working iwth people that are notorioous throuhgout the hospital for being pure evil, one told me it's a karmic black hole.

    So tell me, quitting in April sounds like a good plan, doesn't it?

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