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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    FORT Fogey
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    Jun 2003
    What kind of insane person created group projects? Although they often work out just great for the slackers, hardworking people like me get stuck with everything! I just need to rant right now.

    We have to do this National History Day fair thing for World History. My friends Josie, Connie and I all decided about a month ago that we would work together. We are all smart and willing to get things done. We've been doing research, going to library etc. But one week ago at lunch, my other "friend" Jennifer says, "So what is our topic for the History Fair?" WTF? When did you decide you were in my group? So I said, "Well, I'm already doing it with Josie and Connie." "Oh.... You know, I really hate Josie. Don't you want to just work with me?" "Um, sorry Jennifer, but I already told Josie I would do it with her." Then the bell rings and we go off to our next class.

    The next time I see her, she says, "So what's our topic going to be?" Keep in mind I still haven't told her I would work with her. "Hieroglyphics" "Oh God- that's boring!" "Well, you can choose your own topic then" "Whatever. Just write my name down with yours when you sign up for it." If I were to refuse her, it would ruin our friendship. I've never been best of friends with Jennifer, but she's friends with my friends and we hang out at lunch. It would be awkward if she didn't even like me anymore. So I say okay and she's in my group now.

    The four of us got together today to work on our project. Connie, Josie and I had brainstormed together during class on Friday and had a pretty good idea. But no, Jennifer didn't like it. She says, "Well, I have this artistic vision... It'll look great!" She explains this horrible idea, and Connie Josie and I look at eachother in disbelief. I say, "That could work, but the three of us already made this design and we think it will look good" But no, she has to have it painted gray with hieroglyphics on it. So we compromise unwillingly. Jennifer says "So now that we have our plan, I think I'll go home now. I mean, we don't really need to start on it today, just organize our thoughts!" Huh? Last time I checked, it's due in a week and a half! We DO need to start it! But of course, Jennifer goes home around 11, after only 30 minutes with us. :rolleyes Josie Connie and I stick around until 3:30 drawing and painting a pyramid on the thing. And Jennifer's idea is going to look terrible! And we're getting a grade on this! I don't want to get a bad grade in this class just becaue of this stupid history fair. UGH! I hate group projects. At least when I work alone, it's my fault if I screw it up. Okay I'm done ranting for now.

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    I am with you Pinkie, I hate group projects. I just can't trust other people so I always end up doing all the work because I know if they do it, it won't get done or isn't going to be that great.

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    That's all folks! Unklescott's Avatar
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    Pinkie stand your ground and go with the old majority rules aspect. Put it up to a group vote. That way she can't blame just you. When she whines just tell her that maybe she could find someone else to work with that shares her views. Now the three of you are stuck doing what you don't want to do to make the slacker happy who in turn is doing nothing to help. Good luck!

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    I agree with Unk, Pinkie. Stand your ground...this is your grade on the line. You guys need to stand up for yourselves. Tell this girl it is your way or the highway. Sounds rough, but you need to do your best.
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    I am student teaching 6th grade right now and they are working in pairs on Ancient Egypt projects. The computer assigned them to random partners so that no one could complain. I like that method.
    With that being said both the resident teacher and I let them know that they will not be held accountable if their partner does not work and let me tell you it is obvious to the teacher who is working and who is not.
    I hope your teacher has some kind of monitoriing in check like we do.

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    pinkie, I agree with Unk. You guys need to stand your ground. It is YOUR grade too. Why should the 3 of you who have been working your butts off get a bad grade because of some idea that none of you like. Take a vote and the majority wins, this way she can't put the blame on any one person and you will all still be friends in the end. If she doesn't like it, let her go work with another group. Good Luck!! Keep us posted.
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    Ack, I feel your pain, Pinkie. Last semester in psychology class, we were often made to work in groups, and I always got stuck with people who contributed nothing. You have to fight like crazy to save your own grade and constantly have to check up on the other peoples' work.

    However, it's important to remember that people who simply slide by like that aren't getting any better in life . . . either academically or with their friendships. So, don't let this person take over your project, and go with your gut feelings about what needs to be done. You'll, unfortunately, end up doing all the work you originally intended to do and Jennifer will skate by on your work, but at least the three of you will get a well-deserved good grade. If needs be, talk with your instructor about the situation. Best of luck to you! I hope you get it worked out.

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    Group projects are actualy a good object lesson in the joys of the adult business world. There are always people who contribute less and then take the credit.

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    FORTfruity applesauce's Avatar
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    Pinkie, don't let her bully you guys out of doing the project in the manner you 3 feel is appropriate. She already bullied her way into the group, she doesn't listen well, and she is not a team player. This might sound harsh but if she is a true friend, then I don't think she would treat you guys that way. You should all be honest with her, let her know your feelings about her actions and stand your ground on this project. You can do so in a constructive manner...she will either realize the error of her ways and hopefully apologize or she will continue to act like an immature bully which would give you guys the sign that it's time for her to move on to another group.

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    heres one of my troubles..

    comming out of the closet. what should i do?? should i come out? should i not? i try not to think about it, but i can't help but not to..

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