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Thread: Talk about your troubles

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvaLaruefan
    Hope things get better J.D., we're all mother of the years, we're aloud bad days.

    As for my update, I have to have surgery in April to fix my "problem" Oh well...what can you do, guess many people always say "why me?", c'est la vie.
    Thanks, Eva. Just hearing ("reading?") that nudged me in a new direction. I guess I'll get to work on trying to fix what I broke - the kids are all so different. Even tho I only have two, they are complete opposites. The older one was so easy to raise, open and loving - basically a "good" kid. And then child #2 comes along. (Reason there are only two.) I don't know how to raise her, to relate to her. She's 21 with a family of her own, but still my baby ~

    Great attitude! You seem to be handling your problems very well, quite an inspiration. Sending positive energy your way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkieparrot
    Eva- I'm so sorry.

    Right now, I feel pretty crappy. First a bit of back story. So recently my soccer team has been doing terribly due to a lack of effort on the freshman's part. So my pal Julie and I (we're both captains) had a talk with the team yesterday to tell them that we all need to step it up if we want to win.

    Now the part that makes me sad. Julie went to her locker this morning and a paper fell out. It said "Julie is a bossy bitch. We all hate you." Now Julie is one of the nicest people in the world and it just upsets me that someone could be cruel. Why are teenagers so mean? I just can't fathom someone being so utterly evil. I hate people like that.


    Something I have learned over the years is that some people just aren't happy and because of that they want to make others miserable as well. You know Julie is not a bitch and she knows she is not a bitch. Tell her not to let someone else's immaturity and unhappiness bring her down. Pinkie, you are such a good friend for caring as you do.

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    I'm so sorry about the complications with your procedure. What a let down to the excitement you were feeling beforehand. Just know that we are all keeping you in our thoughts and sending positive vibes your way as you get things corrected. Feel free to PM if you need to vent or anything. All my best to you...

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    An opportunity to vent my problems........ I can't resist!

    I hate my job. I hate being a boss but not THE boss. I hate that my husband doesn't make enough money. I hate paying for my kids' college, making me stay at my horrible (yet decent paying) job. I want to own a greenhouse. I wish I won the lottery so that I could quit my job. I wish I could use all the money I earn for the stuff I want- like new carpet or a bigger house- make that a very spacious house on 10 acres...Yeah, that would be excellent.

    But......I am blessed with having enough, and cursed with being ungrateful at times. But venting was such fun. Thanks.

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    I am so confused..................

    I am caught between two people. There's this one boy that likes me ever since last year and we always flirting. i don't want to reveal his name so i am going to call him boy #1. He is a pimp. he had three different girls and was going to break up with them for me and i would be wifey. i like him a little bit. i would go out with him. Then there is boy #2. We have a lot in common and he loves me. he liked me last year but boy #1 liked me less time then him. boy #2 gives me money and is way more sincere then boy #1. boy #2 also wants me to be wifey. who do i go out with? this is really bothering me but i doesn't have to. neither one of them are pressuring me into making a decision. what should i do? who should i go out with?

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    There's no reason that you only need to go out with one guy, but, if you are going to limit youself, you need to choose the guy that you like better, and that sounds like it is boy#2. Don't go out with him because he gives you money, go out with him because you have a lot in common.

    Boy #1 sounds like a total player. Run... run far away from his kind.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    Well, here's an update to my rantings on page 16....

    I'm travelling to Ottawa next week to visit the surgeon (he's the only one in Canada that will perform the surgery I require) and complete some preliminary tests (CT scan, pulmonary angiogram). I was hoping to wait until April-ish for the actual surgery (pulmonary thromboendarterectomy--basically open heart surgery where they go into the lungs and cut out the obstructions) but I was told to 'plan for and expect' to stay for the surgery after the initial consult in case my situation is as bad as they think it is. Now that I've done some research into my condition, I don't want to wait for a 'convenient' time for this...I just want to get it done and begin the long road to recovery. This surgery has a great success rate in restoring lung capacity and quality of life, but it is scary nonetheless. I'll be in Ottawa for up to 10 weeks after the surgery, then on limited activity recovery at home for about 6 months. The work/$$ situation will work out nicely since my contract is up in April and we have a great disability/employment insurance package.

    Anyway, I hope to have internet access for at least some of my recovery since I know I can spend many hours browsing FoRT. Thanks to all for listening and sharing your troubles--it takes the mind of ones own problems when you're hoping for the best for others.
    Don't let the small things sweat

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    Oh, Spoose. I'll be keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that the surgery allows your quality of life to get better and that once the recovery is over you can enjoy some of the activities you haven't been able to participate in since that idiot doctor misdiagnosed you.

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    Let me add my good wishes to Mariner's. I couldn't have said it better myself. You need to get back to the business of healing, and then enjoying life. Good luck.
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    Good luck Spoose, we will be thinking about you.

    I have a (comparatively small) trouble. One of my husband's best friends was killed this weekend in a skiing accident. They went to high school and college together and were very close. My husband is a fairly emotional and expressive person to begin with, but I have never seen him this upset. He is really beginning to make me nervous for his health (not eating, crying, not sleeping). Any advice on how to console or help him?

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